Rubic Weekly Report 12/11

4 min readDec 11, 2020

Hello, Rubic community!

Here is our weekly update


1.We have implemented a Fast Listing Feature that will allow users to trade newly added tokens in a more convenient way by using Rubic platform. This will be possible by creating unique links to the token to easily access their trading environment. The token will be also added to the list of supported tokens which will enable their order book trade functionality.

As we have mentioned before trading a new token on Uniswap, project investors need to go through complex procedures and manually add their token. This slows down the token trading and carries risks in the choice of the wrong token. Fast Listing Feature is solving this problem. We are going to list new projects weekly, from Uniswap, and generate a unique link for each pair to facilitate their trading on Rubic platform.

2.We are constantly improving our platform to make it faster and more convenient and this week we added a lot of small fixes like a swapping button that allows you to change between buying and selling options and short links for tokens to facilitate their trading.

3.We’ve conducted a Polkadot architecture analysis and took a detailed look inside 8 Polkadot-based projects, but almost all of them can be hardly embedded into the Rubic platform for cross-chain purposes for now. Although, some of them are really promising so we will follow them and if there will be cross chain functionality release we will reconsider Polkadot integration with Rubic platform. So, for now, we are looking at another way of integration and will consider other Polkadot-based projects.

4.We have prepared an RBC airdrop for all WISH holders by creating test snapshot and counting users that are legitimate for the airdrop. For now there are 572 WISH holders, and 187 of them have more than 1000 WISH tokens and can participate in the airdrop.

Real snapshot date is the 15th of December.

Details of the airdrop can be found here and stay tuned for updates that will be announced next week.


1.As we plan to increase our marketing activities, we have gathered active and experienced members from our community into Rubic Marketing Board. We have started this week and we already received feedback, ideas and contacts from them. The main focuses were:

  • Marketing Agency
  • Influencers (Twitter and Youtube) as a paid advertising and also for Advisory board
  • Projects that we should list and work with

We have started working on some of the ideas and will keep you updated regarding the results.

2.We thank you for being active and for expressing your choice regarding the new logo. We have updated our main medias with the new logo, and will continue to update external websites.

3.We have conducted our first AMA on 4channel. Thank you all for participation and your questions. We liked the idea and plan to repeat it regularly. For ones who have missed here is the link:

4.We have chosen 4 projects that will be listed first in our Fast Listing. We will add more once we research new projects. At the moment we are contacting their communities to start the cross promos. If you have ideas of legit projects, please let us know. The main criterias: ERC20 token, recently launched on Uniswap, legit team. Stay tuned for updates!

5.Don’t forget to join our Discord. We are waiting for you

Thank you, community, for your support!






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