We’ve all been talking about staking a lot, recently. Today, we are ready to present to you the main information about our Staking mechanism.

The main RBC Staking points

  • Predicted APY is 79.37% with full occupancy, and 500% APY with half occupancy.
  • Rubic will complete conversions of Multi-Chain routing swap fees to the RBC token on a daily basis (buyback by…

Here is our weekly update!


  1. Audit by CertiK

In this article, we’ll provide the statistics which will help to understand why USDC pools will be better for the users of our protocol, and why new Multi-Chain Routing contracts will be more efficient than old ones.

  1. Current achievements of our Multi-Chain protocol;
  2. The scaling of our Multi-Chain Protocol;
  3. Liquidity providing and RBC token use case.


The Multi-Chain Protocol which allows swaps between 10k tokens on ETH, BSC, Polygon, AVAX & MOVR in 1 click; featuring 60 DEXs, fiat on-ramps, bridges & more!

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