Rubic Weekly Report 07/08/2022

This week is full of vigorous work in terms of product development, marketing, and business development. As usual, we’re eager to share with you Rubic’s weekly roundup! Are you with Rubic? Keep on reading!

5 min readJul 8, 2022


  1. SDK Integration: Finish Line

We finally integrated the SDK into Now, is the perfect example of a project based on Rubic’s SDK protocol; with the stable, convenient, and fast execution of cross-chain transactions.

2. Li.Fi Integration

We’re expanding the list of available networks and bridges! On July 19th, we plan to finish Li.Fi integration. It will increase liquidity and add new networks: Optimism, Cronos, OKExChain, Gnosis (xDAI), Fuse, Moonbeam, Celo,

as well as the following bridges: Connext, Multichain, Hyphen, Y Pool, Polygon PoS, Optimism Bridge, deBridge, Across, Avalanche Bridge, Arbitrum Bridge, Optimism Gateway, XY Finance, and Ethereum Bridge.

Soon, users will have even more options for swapping tokens on Rubic, and projects who set up Rubic’s SDK or Widget will get updated via Rubic’s API, and will be able to use all of these network and bridges as well!

3. Staking 3.0

We kicked off working on launching Staking 3.0. This will be a terrific opportunity for Rubic holders to earn wonderful APR and increase profit by making Rubic cubes work for them.

The 3rd round of staking will be launched in August! Stay tuned for further details!

4. NFT Widget

The green cube is stepping into GameFi and NFTs. We started by developing the NFT widget which will allow users to purchase NFTs on different marketplaces, no matter which blockchain their assets are on! Thanks to Rubic’s integrations and large-scale functionality, it will be possible to swap any of 15,000+ tokens into the desired NFTs, on and across 12 blockchains. Also, remember that the number of blockchains supported will be increasing very soon.

Already, several projects got interested in our development, and we’ve started some integrations.


  1. RadioShack Listing

We’re glad to be listed on RadioShack! Now, users have one more DEX where they can purchase $RBC.

Thank you for staying with Rubic!

2. Riveting Use-Case: Hector Integration

We have published a comprehensive article about how Hector Finance has built a superb Cross-Chain DEX with the help of Rubic’s SDK, which increased their profit and trading volume.

This is one of the use cases of how crypto projects can grow into cross-chain interoperable ecosystems in the most cost-efficient and time-saving way! This article will be helpful not only for crypto projects who can potentially integrate Rubic’s SDK or widget, but for our users as well — to see how fast Rubic is growing and what great plans we have for the future. Enjoy this article.


3. “How to Scale Up Your Business with Cross-Chain Web3” Article

We have released a captivating article recently, about Rubic’s Cross-Chain tools for crypto projects who want to become interoperable in the age of approaching Web3. Read about the solutions for crypto projects to become cross-chain, and why Rubic’s SDK and widget take the leading positions. Here is your captivating reading.

4. Welcoming New Team Members

New marketing managers have arrived at Rubic’s team. With such a team, we’re ready to grow faster, keeping on building a trustful, transparent, and valuable product! Welcome Alena Shikova and welcome back Diana Kuznetsova!

Hope for fruitful work with our new team members!

5. New SDK & Widget Integrations

Rubic keeps on growing — no matter what conditions the crypto market offers. Our business developers are unstoppable, bringing in more and more integrations, and partners, day after day. As for now, is on the list.

CryptoBattles — A decentralized protocol for gamified liquidity mining. This is a web-based blockchain PvP game that aims to increase the adoption of blockchain technology in gamers’ everyday lives.

They have listed our $RBC token and integrated our widget right on their website, making it effortless for users to buy their $CBT token. This is one more win-win that any other crypto project can get with Rubic!

6. CryptoBattles In-game Tournament

Due to our partnership with CryptoBattles, we will be holding an in-game tournament with $RBC and $CBT prizes! CryptoBattles will share the details of this event in their blog this coming Monday!

Rubic team members are also planning to join the tournament. We’ll see you there!

7. Singapore Conference

Our business development manager Sven will participate in one of the biggest blockchain summits in Singapore.

We created attractive leaflets about Rubic which won’t be left without attention. So, we can’t wait to make new partnerships and collaborations.

8. Symbiosis X Rubic AMA in Twitter Space’s

This Friday’s AMA session will be held with our beloved partner Symbiosis!
During this AMA session on Twitter Spaces, we will answer questions from our communities and award the best of them with some token prizes!

Please join the AMA session using this link:

Our social media channels:












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