Rubic Weekly Report 06/03/22

5 min readJun 3, 2022

Here is our weekly update!


1. Governance Voting on the Zero-Fee Solution for RBC Holders

This week, we launched the third round of the Governance Poll. It’s going to allow holders of RBC (on Ethereum, Polygon, and BNB Chain) to decide on the minimum amount of tokens to hold for there to be no platform fees during swaps for those holding at least that amount.

So, all users who would like to complete swaps on will not pay any platform fees during the swap if there’s a certain amount of RBC/BRBC tokens within their wallet address. It’s up to you, our beloved community, to decide this very amount. The poll will last from May 31st until June 7th.

Learn more here and feel free to vote —

Moreover, remember to share which vote option you believe will win in the current voting round in our special contest and get your prize.

2. Rubic’s Protocol Improvements

Our development team made some upgrades to the SDK recently.

Now, it fully supports the TelosEVM blockchain network. We also made some minor upgrades to its performance and stability. All of this will improve the usage, convenience, and comfort levels for our partners even further.

Furthermore, the work on the integration of into our protocol should be completed this week. Stay tuned for the coming update!

3. Liquidity Providing Program

One more important thing is that Round 1 of our Liquidity Providing Program is still Live! It is open to all users, with an APR of 27%. The first users are already participating and getting rewards every day, so you can start adding liquidity directly on Rubic right away via

The Liquidity Providing campaign has become even more attractive due to the recent crypto market plunge. Learn more about our LP Program & read our detailed instructions here.


1. Symbiosis integration is coming to our protocol. Due to this milestone, we recently launched a special use case competition. Share your favorite Symbiosis + Rubic use cases and get a chance to win some rewards!

2. Recently, we shared our first ecosystem infographic and received very warm approval. So, our team decided to continue to share our main stats and features through infographics. Today, we’re sharing our latest stats on cross-chain swap performance during May 2022:

3. The Rubic SDK is also expanding. This week, we congratulate Sokuswap on being among the projects to integrate the Rubic SDK!

This integration of Rubic’s SDK will offer Sokuswap on-chain and cross-chain swaps at the best-possible rates, on any platform we work with.

4. Also, one of our latest top SDK top — — announced a special giveaway for our community. RT this tweet and follow both of our Twitter accounts to test your luck & win $1,000! is an advanced cross-chain liquidity aggregation protocol with cross-chain NFTs, and with more than 10k social media followers. This integration of the Rubic SDK will offer on-chain and cross-chain swaps at the best-possible rates, on any platform we work with.

5. So far, we have more than 3,916 referral links created as part of our Referral Campaign. We’d now like to share some of the projects that will use our Widget. This week, the following projects integrated the Rubic Relay Widget with the help of our referrals:

Tsuyoki Inu (TINU) — a multi-cross-chain project and upcoming NFT marketplace.

Potent Coin (PTT) — is a BNB Chain-based crypto project that aims to create its own ecosystem with fast and efficient solutions.

Rebase Aggregator Capital (REACT) — is a project that utilizes multiple DeFi protocols, and REACT’s treasury is used to buy shares while the yields are distributed to holders as dividends.

LocoMeta (LOCO) — is a blockchain-based business Metaverse game centered around NFTs, Staking, and Farming.

KODI (KODI) — is a project that aims to become the biggest IDO platform and advertising agency in the crypto space.

VendettaDao — a crypto-gaming guild.

6. During this week, our recent news pieces, TVL rise, and protocol development updates were noticed by many Twitter influencers. Here are just a few examples:

7. This Friday at 11 AM EST, Collin O’Brien hosts our Weekly AMA on Twitter Spaces and Telegram with a special guest — Co-Founder of SoulSwap, Buns Enchantress — ready to share her expertise on NFTs, Web3, and DeFi.

During this AMA, Collin will cover all things SoulSwap and its features. Also, he will go through all the latest updates and answer questions from the community, which you can always send him on Twitter or on Telegram at

8. Next week, Collin will visit the Consensus 2022 Conference — June 9–12. Find him there first, and win our special prize!

Thank you for your continued and much-appreciated support!




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