Rubic Weekly Report 04/22/22

5 min readApr 22, 2022


Here is our weekly update!


1. Liquidity Providing Program

This week, we announced the launch date of our Liquidity Providing Program — April 27th. Check the timing and be ready to provide your liquidity to get an APR of up to 27% in stablecoins, via

Learn more about our upcoming LP Program & read our detailed instructions here.

2. Telos Integration

We’ll complete the integration of Telos into our Multi-Chain ecosystem on April 25th, which will allow effortless swaps between Telos & 11 other blockchains — at

Telos is the community-driven network that powers the fastest EVM in the world. The network’s Telos EVM offers 0.5 second block times, highly scalable infrastructure with up to 10,000 transactions per second, low fixed cost transactions in the pennies, and no front-running.

The Telos Protocol is based on a delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) consensus mechanism, supporting EOSIO compatibility and EVM compatibility. Moreover, the Telos Protocol is a community-governed blockchain — using their Governance Engine, their community decides on everything from proposals to their board — and an eco-friendly blockchain solution, as Telos’ energy consumption is less than 0.0004 TWh; lower than any major competitor.

Currently, the Telos Protocol has a $6M daily trading volume with a Total Value Locked of $119.5M.

3. Rubic’s Protocol Improvements

During this week we came out with a new info page on!

Feel free to visit our brand-new statistics page at — containing our TVL (Total Value Locked), amount of supported assets, total users, and our Multi-Chain volume across your choice of time period.

Moreover, this week, our development team finished their work on the integration of stablecoin pools for all swaps on NEAR. Hence, our users will be able to exchange USDT/USDC/DAI at even more favorable rates, and in larger volume.

Stay tuned for more upcoming development updates!


1. This week you can take your last chance to get into our Liquidity Providing Whitelist Lottery!

We’re raffling 10 whitelist spots for our Liquidity Providing Program, and the winners will have a guaranteed allocation of up to 800 USDC tokens in the liquidity pool in Round 1 of the Program.

To enter and receive a chance at getting whitelisted, visit this link.

2. On Tuesday, Collin O’Brien attended a NEAR Protocol AMA in their Telegram group. It was thrilling to share our vision of Web 3.0, and how our functionality of Multi-Chain Routing and our SDK goes along with that.

3. Crypto News Today made a full-length research video of Rubic. He explained Rubic’s main features and the specifics of trading with Rubic. You can watch the full video here: Rubic Multi-Chain Swap Protocol — What is Rubic Chain — How it Works — Rubic Review.

4. During this week, we also focused on our Discord. Our marketing team updated the design and the functionality of the Discord utility bots there. We also reimagined the workflow of our support in Discord, and added a special channel for memes!

A little tip: if you get to the 15th level on our Discord server, you will get access to extra channels.

5. This week, our development updates and TVL rise was noticed by many Twitter influencers. Here are just a few examples:

6. So far, we have more than 3,474 referral links created as part of our Referral Campaign. We’d now like to share some of the projects that we’re building partnerships with. This week, the following projects integrated the Rubic Relay Widget with the help of our referrals:

Baby Ether (BETHER) — A Play-to-Earn game with NFT and LP mechanics.

Strangercoin (STRANGER) — A decentralized financial payment network, diverting a small percentage of each transaction into a high-yield farm pool. (DOGENFT) — A meme NFT marketplace and community-owned token on BNB Smart Chain.

PetWars (PWARS) — A free-to-play online digital collectible card game.

FunToken (FUN) — A one-stop gaming token that will facilitate all forms of gaming.

Let’s also congratulate Tokenplace on being among the projects to integrate the Rubic SDK! Tokenplace is an online trading platform & exchange aggregator with more than 30k social media followers.

7. The Algebra x Rubic airdrop is coming! We’ve prepared an article that explains everything required to be eligible for the airdrop, mentions the official snapshot date of April 28th, 15:00 UTC, and lays out all further necessary details.

8. This week, our partners at MyWish were holding an RBC price prediction contest. Anyone could get $50 for the most accurate forecast. The contest timing is over, so stay tuned for the results next Tuesday!

9. This Friday we are holding Collin O’Brien’s Weekly AMA, taking place on Twitter Spaces and Telegram with a special guest from Overnight!

During this AMA, Collin will cover all the latest updates and answer questions from the community, which you can always send him on Twitter or on Telegram at

Thank you for your continued and much-appreciated support!




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