The Algebra x Rubic (RBC) Airdrop is Coming!

  1. Hold at least 1,000 ALGB and at least 1,000 RBC tokens in your wallet address. Please note that different versions of RBC on different networks will be combined into one eligible total (e.g., Rubic on Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, or Polygon).
  2. Fill out this form.
  3. Be ready for the snapshot date on April 28th, 15:00 UTC.
  • The 1st stage — 250 ALGB
  • The 2nd stage — 250 ALGB
  • The 3rd stage — 250 ALGB
  • The 4th stage — 250 ALGB



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Rubic: A 'one-click' #CrossChain Service + tools to enable it for #dApps. Trade over 15,500+ #tokens across 26 #networks, through the aggregation of 60+ #DEXs!