Rubic’s 3-Year Anniversary: A Celebratory Promotion!

6 min readSep 22, 2023

Rubic is turning three, and we couldn’t be more excited to celebrate it with all of you! We proudly look back on hundreds of accomplishments that have shaped our journey this year: 80+ New Integrations to reach 70+ Blockchains, 30+ Successful Promo Campaigns, 20+ Innovative Features, Enhanced Security … and more, later in this article!

While we continue to provide cost-efficient routes via 90+ DEXs and bridges for cross-chain swaps between established networks like Ethereum, BNB Chain, and Polygon, we’re also breaking new ground for emerging networks like Linea, Base, Mantle, and more. We embarked on this route about a year ago, and L2s already constitute 42% of our volume!

This year, for our celebratory campaign, we’re partnering with four popular new blockchains: Linea, zkSync Era, Mantle, and Base! Perform swaps to/from/on Base, Linea, Mantle, and zkSync Era to earn potential airdrops together with a share of 1.5M+ RBC!

Connecting You to Hyped Blockchains

Our campaign’s core objective is to engage our users with the vibrant ecosystems of these new but very promising blockchains:

Exploring zkSync Era, Linea, Mantle and Base: While rumors swirl about potential airdrops from zkSync Era, Linea, Rubic ensures you have seamless access to these blockchains and their various protocols. Mantle Journey Rewards: Mantle, in particular, has announced exciting guaranteed rewards for active participants in its ecosystem as part of their Mantle Journey campaign. Rubic will soon be an official part of the Mantle Journey, so join up!

Interact with Four Blockchains: Rubic’s campaign simplifies your interactions with these four prominent blockchains plus their bridges and DEXs, providing you with a user-friendly experience to explore them in an ‘all-in-one’ fashion, making it possible to swap from zkSync to Base, from Base to Mantle, etc., also being able to swap a token while you’re bridging.

Join us in celebrating Rubic’s birthday, where you’ll have unparalleled access to these exciting blockchain ecosystems along with countless opportunities.

Unveiling the Exciting Details

We’ve prepared an exciting four-week journey for you! Each week, we’ll focus on one of our partner blockchains, and during those weeks, you’ll have the opportunity to collect points and NFTs.

Collecting all of those makes you eligible for the reward pool of 1.5M+ RBC, while warming up your wallet for possible blockchain remunerations!

The campaign is available on Galxe, Intract, and QuestN and Rubic’s website!

September 25th — October 1st. Week 1: Rubic x Base

Base has quickly gained traction as a robust blockchain platform, and we’re making it accessible to you through Rubic.

October 3rd — 8th. Week 2: Rubic x Mantle

Rubic is proud to connect you to Mantle’s dynamic ecosystem, offering you easy access to their Mantle Journey and its growing array of DeFi projects and tokens.

October 9th — 15th. Week 3: Rubic x Linea

Explore Linea’s ecosystem, a new L2 blockchain founded by ConsenSys, the developer of MetaMask.

October 16th — 22nd. Week 4: Rubic x zkSync Era

zkSync Era has been at the forefront of zk Layer-2 solutions, and Rubic is here to make your experience even better when it comes to speed and cost.

Plus, don’t forget to unlock the following:

  • Read the Rubic Medium Article to get a unique commemorative NFT.
  • Create a Nomis Passport
  • Hold RBC — Holding RBC may get you an additional coefficient in the pool of RBC rewards!

Don’t forget that RBC holders can stake their tokens and enjoy an impressive 75% APR on their staked assets.

* To participate in the Campaign, make sure the swap goes via Rubic’s contracts:

Also, there will be a separate Layer3 campaign which you can also participate in: Please note that the reward pool set for that campaign is in Layer3 XPs!

What Rubic Has Achieved in 2022–23

As the third year commences, our team extends heartfelt gratitude to every member of our cherished community. You power our progress, standing as the bedrock against market fluctuations and crypto turbulence.

The recent year has defied demanding challenges, and Rubic emerged stronger than ever. This year’s achievements encompass innovation, evolution, and continuous expansion!


Reflecting on our growth, it’s astounding to recall that Rubic supported just 20 networks last September. Today, we proudly integrate 70+ blockchains, encompassing:

  • 10 L2 ETH Blockchains: Arbitrum, Optimism, zkSync Era, Base, Mantle, Metis, Polygon zkEVM, Linea, PulseChain and Boba ETH.

L2s already constitute 42% of our value (6 months ago it was just 14%).

  • 30+ non-EVM blockchains, which clearly set Rubic aside from the competition.
  • 4 Testnets: Scroll, Goerli, Zetachain, Arthera.

We’re committed to integrating new, popular chains and testnets, so that Rubic can solve any Web3 cross-chain need. Rubic = Interoperability.

In our ongoing efforts to enhance Smart Routing, we’ve aggregated an impressive roster:

  • Over 20 DEXs
  • More than 7 new Cross-Chain providers

Over the course of this year, we participated in over 30 major campaigns, including highly-anticipated ones like the zkSync Era and Polygon zkEVM campaigns.

Innovations and Security

Beyond bolstering Rubic’s Smart Routing capabilities, we’ve introduced over 20 new features. Let’s delve into the most groundbreaking innovations from this year:

And of course…

The SwapToEarn Feature, unveiled in April, has garnered immense participation. A remarkable 61,000+ participants have engaged.

Very soon we will perform a comprehensive UI/UX Update of our app, achieving a harmonious balance between style and convenience. As we approach another year, a fresh design update beckons, signalling the dawn of a new chapter for Rubic.

While Rubic’s product continued to be upgraded, we remained steadfast in fortifying our security measures. This year saw a reimagined Security Architecture, including:

  • The hiring of Rubic’s Chief Information Security Officer.
  • A thorough audit of Rubic’s New Contracts.
  • The implementation of a revamped Information Security Strategy.
  • The launch of a Bug Bounty Campaign.

New Highs

The flourishing growth of our numbers has been a source of immense pride this year.

  • Over 150,000 Total Unique Users have joined our ranks since the start of the project, forming a dynamic and engaged community.
  • Our platform has facilitated an impressive Total Trading Volume exceeding $463M, a testament to the robust activity within our ecosystem.
  • An astonishing Total Transaction Number of 462,000+ reflects the seamless interactions and transactions facilitated through Rubic.

Yet, our journey doesn’t end here. With unyielding determination, we continue to pursue a multitude of new accomplishments, each one contributing to the evolution and growth of our platform.

With every stride, we grow for our community, and the journey ahead is nothing short of exciting!

About Rubic

Rubic aggregates 70+ blockchains and testnets, while it enables swaps of 15,500+ assets with the best rates, highest liquidity, and transaction speeds — in one click, thanks to the integration of 90+ DEXs and bridges.

Users no longer have to roam across Web3 to compare rates and liquidity; they can make cross-chain and on-chain swaps of any available token to any other one on On top of that, Rubic’s app along with our cross-chain widget provide fiat on-ramp services, making crypto easy to access and buy.

We also provide tools for dApps to enable cross-chain swaps. Rubic’s functionality can be implemented by any crypto project willing to become interoperable, with an easy-to-install widget and fully customizable SDK.




Rubic's Best Rate Finder tool for crypto swaps aggregates 70+ blockchains, 220+ DEXs and bridges, and 15,500+ crypto assets.