Exploring the Linea Ecosystem: A Dedicated Campaign

6 min readSep 6, 2023

In the ever-competitive landscape of Layer 2 (L2) solutions, the crypto community finds itself in the midst of a showdown of innovation. Over the past year, numerous solutions have emerged to tackle Ethereum’s pressing scalability issues. Among this diverse array of potential remedies, Zero-Knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machines (zkEVMs) have risen as a leading choice for developers. One such contender that’s been rapidly gaining momentum is Linea’s zkEVM. In this article, we’ll delve into Linea, explain its advantages, shed light on its growing ecosystem of various dApps, and cover the promotion that will help you interact with it.

Let’s briefly spotlight Linea’s standout features and its groundbreaking approach to enhancing Ethereum scalability.

Key Insights About Linea:

  • Linea is a product developed by Consensys, the parent company known for creating MetaMask, Infura, and Diligence Fuzzing. It joins an impressive lineup of successful projects and carries significant expectations.
  • At its core, Linea is driven by a clear goal: to replicate the user experience of the Ethereum mainnet while significantly improving transaction speed and reducing transaction costs. In fact, Linea has the potential to make transactions up to 20 times cheaper than Ethereum, thanks to its innovative recursion-friendly, lattice-based prover.
  • According to a classification by Vitalik Buterin, Linea falls into the Type-2 zkEVM category. As a zkEVM, Linea not only emulates the user experience of Ethereum but also seamlessly integrates with nearly all existing Ethereum dApps.

For those who may have missed our earlier piece on Ethereum scaling solutions, especially focusing on zkRollups, take a moment to catch up: “Rubic as an Ethereum L2 Network Aggregator.”

Linea’s Statistics:

  • Linea’s Total Value Locked (TVL) has surged past $43.5 million, as reported by L2Beat.
  • The Linea Explorer has tracked and recorded over 5M transactions.
  • The platform boasts a robust user base, with more than 945,100 wallet addresses on Linea.
  • Daily TPS: 1.68
  • Linea’s thriving ecosystem includes a diverse array of over 100 protocols, partners, and dApps.

Unraveling the Mystery of the Linea Token

Currently, Linea’s official documentation doesn’t make any mention of a Linea token. However, the project’s team has expressed their intent to reward users who actively contribute to testing and improving Linea. Given the significant attention and funding Linea has garnered, it appears highly likely that they will introduce a token and conduct an airdrop in the future rewarding early adoption.

Furthermore, the likelihood of a LINEA airdrop is reinforced by the fact that airdrops have been a primary method for initiating cryptoeconomic governance in the past. Part 2 of Phase 3 in Linea’s Decentralization Roadmap emphasizes the transition to a system “steered by its user community.”

Source: Linea Docs

Linea has explicitly expressed its intention to reward users who actively contribute to testing and enhancing their protocol. It’s worth noting the remarkable funding they’ve attracted, which even surpasses that of zkSync.

So, let’s dive deeper into this intriguing topic and discover how to position yourself for a potential participation in the Linea airdrop.

There are three fundamental steps to start with:

  • Prepare a Wallet: Linea is already an enshrined network in the MetaMask wallet. Otherwise, use Chainlist to connect.
  • Bridge ETH: To cover transaction costs (gas), you’ll need to transfer some Ethereum (ETH) from the Ethereum network to Linea.
  • Engage on Linea: Participate in Linea’s ecosystem by making transactions.

Options for Bridging Funds to Linea:

  1. Official Bridge
  • From Networks: Only Ethereum
  • Time: Up to 20 minutes

Withdrawals may take 8–32 hours to process.

2 .Rubic.exchange or Symbiosis

  • From Networks: 16 networks (Rubic), 11 networks (Symbiosis) including BNB Chain, Arbitrum, zkSync Era, Base, Polygon zkEVM, Mantle, and more.
  • Time: 4 minutes.
  • Bonus: By swapping to Linea via Rubic.exchange, users can participate in Rubic’s SwapToEarn Program and may also receive guaranteed $RBC rewards for their swaps.

New swappers will receive a 100 RBC reward for their first swap, and for every subsequent swap, users will earn 50 RBC.

3. Other bridges at https://linea.build/apps

Interact with the Ecosystem

Once you have funds on Linea, you’re ready to start exploring the L2’s blossoming app ecosystem. DEXs are usually the easiest way to generate on-chain activity, which is exactly what we want when chasing airdrops. According to DeFi Llama, here are the 5 largest DEXs on Linea:

By the way, Rubic integrates 4 DEXs on Linea, including Vooi, Horizon, OpenOcean, and IziSwap.

Full list of Linea Ecosystem Projects: https://linea.build/apps

Symbiosis Linea Campaign with Rubic and other partners!

Between September 7th and the 23st, Symbiosis, in collaboration with Rubic and various other protocols, is launching a massive Galxe campaign on Linea. The primary objective of this campaign is to engage users within the Linea ecosystem to earn a potential Linea airdrop. Each participating project has its own set of tasks to encourage user interaction with Linea and its ecosystem.

Let’s delve into the details of Rubic’s promotional tasks:



  • Cross-chain swap to Linea (15 points)
  • Retweet and like the campaign announcement, follow Symbiosis on Twitter (5 points)
  • Read this article and get a special Rubic x Symbiosis x Linea NFT



  • Cross-Chain Swap to Linea on Rubic via Symbiosis (15 points):

Execute a cross-chain swap to Linea using Symbiosis, earning you 15 points.

  • On-Chain Swap on Linea via Rubic (10 points):

Perform an on-chain swap directly on Linea, accumulating 10 points.

  • Follow Rubic on Twitter (5 points)
  • Read this article and get a special Rubic x Symbiosis x Linea NFT

Additionally, there are numerous other tasks offered by various Linea protocols waiting for you to explore:


  • On-chain swap on Linea (15 points)
  • Follow SyncSwap Twitter (5 points)


  • Borrow $10 via LineaBank (15 points)
  • Follow LineaBank Twitter (5 points)


  • Buy NFT on Linea (15 points)
  • Retweet Zonic announcement (5 points)


  • Make on-chain swap on Linea (15 points)
  • Follow OpenOcean Twitter (5 points)

Linea Name Service

  • Buy Linea domain (15 points)
  • Follow Linea Name Service on Twitter (5 points)


  • Follow Linea on Twitter (5 points)

Completing all tasks strategically engages you with multiple protocols on Linea. Don’t miss out on this chance to actively participate and reap the benefits of this exciting campaign!

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