Rubic x Velas: Scalability, Performance, & Low fees

3 min readNov 28, 2022

The partnership of Velas and Rubic will offer a simple, quick, secure, and cost-effective cross-chain solution to and from the Velas blockchain! With this integration, the Rubic ecosystem gains its 25th network!

What is Velas?

Velas is the first and fastest EVM/eBPF Hybrid Chain mechanism blockchain, which allows building decentralized applications and smart contracts on its mainnet, allows the scalability of transactions, and is able to validate up to 75,000 transactions per second.

Velas solves the blockchain trilemma with its design to be secure, interoperable, and extremely scalable.

Currently, Velas’ performance is much higher than what can be seen across most existing blockchain platforms.

Velas and Rubic

The Velas Network was integrated into through Multichain as a provider. DEXs conducting swaps from and to Velas are WagyuSwap and AstroSwap (also integrated into Rubic).

Now, users can swap VLX, AVAX, BETS, BNB, BUSD, DAI, ETH, MATIC, MTC, USDC, USDT, and WBTC tokens (depending on the chain) across 12 other blockchains: Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, Telos, Bitgert, Cronos, Kava, Boba, Oasis, and Celo.

This integration has also brought the VLX token to the Rubic Platform, where it’s available for on-chain and cross-chain swaps on the Velas network. VLX is used for transactions, payments, fees, and for supporting Proof-of-Stake consensus.

Let’s explore the Velas Network in numbers:

Velas Market Cap: $54M

Velas TVL: $5M

Total transactions: 251,350,649

Average block time: 400 milliseconds

Wallet addresses: 143,260

Check out the Velas explorer here:

Velas: best of Solana and Ethereum

Velas is a hybrid chain combining the best of Solana’s scalability, performance, & low fees with Ethereum’s composability via its EVM compatibility. This allows anyone to build on Velas using Ethereum’s native coding language, Solidity.

EVM Compatability

Velas takes the most efficient blockchain and implements the ability to write Ethereum smart contracts in it, namely the Ethereum VM.

This opens doors for the DeFi market and developers of decentralized Ethereum applications, allowing them to expand their capabilities with Velas’ ecosystem, the fast Velas blockchain, and low fees.

Currently achievable performance metrics:

  • 50,000+ Transactions per Second
  • 400ms Block times
  • $0.00001 Transaction fee
  • 1.2 second Transaction finality

Velas Ecosystem

Velas offers an extensive foundation used to implement dozens of dApps and decentralized projects, which boast market-defining speed & equal convenience of use.

You can explore the Velas ecosystem here:

We’d also like to review two main DEXs integrated into Rubic alongside the Velas Network.


WagyuSwap is the leading decentralized exchange on the Velas Chain. Being the first DEX on Velas, WagyuSwap has captured a massive portion of the market from day one! WagyuSwap has high staking APYs and cost-efficient rates.


AstroSwap is a high-profile DEX on VELAS. A smooth trader experience is what matters in the end. For this reason, AstroSwap creators opted to deploy from the Velas blockchain.

Enjoy lightning-fast processing speeds and near-zero trading fees with the Velas Network at!

Velas Website | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | YouTube | Telegram

About Rubic

Rubic is a One-Click Cross-Chain Aggregator which allows users to swap any of 15,500+ tokens, across 26 blockchains and receive the best rates from all leading trading providers. Rubic includes On-Chain & Cross-Chain swaps for Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, Arbitrum, Gnosis, Fuse, Celo, Optimism, Moonbeam, OKC, Boba, Tron, Moonriver, Cronos, Bitcoin and others; with seamless fiat on-ramps and more!

Rubic provides the tools for crypto projects to become fully interoperable between blockchains, with an easy-to-install widget and a fully-customizable SDK. Rubic is already servicing more than 130 projects! Installation of Rubic’s SDK or Widget unlocks DeFi for any project, with access to over 15,500+ tokens across 26 blockchains, all available right on your website or inside your app.

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