Rubic Weekly Report 9/03/21

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Here is our weekly update:

6 min readSep 3, 2021



  1. Cross-Chain Routing

This week was one of the most important weeks for the Rubic development team. We successfully created and launched the world’s first true Cross-Chain Routing feature.

We will continue the development of this feature throughout the year and into 2022 to make it even more robust. You can find more information about future release versions of the Cross-Chain Routing here:

Now, users of our platform can easily complete swaps of any tokens between Ethereum, BSC, and Polygon blockchains. Our tests and initial swap data indicate that the average cross-chain swap is completed in less than 2 minutes. You can read more about our Cross-Chain Routing feature here:

2. Rubic Relay Widget Update

After the launch of Cross-Chain Routing we have also successfully upgraded our widget with this feature. Now every user can complete Cross-chain Routing swaps directly on the websites of other projects!

3. Updated Roadmap

Currently we are working on the updated roadmap which we will present on by the end of the next week. We are also updating our One Pager and our Whitepaper and will have updates on those as well during the month of September.

4. Staking

Currently, the Rubic development team is in the process of creating our own Staking Liquidity Pools as an option for our Cross-Chain Routing feature. This is Phase 2 of our Cross-Chain Routing rollout, and we intend to finish it in early Q4. We will have independent 3rd parties audit this work to ensure there are no vulnerabilities before launching Phase 2 of our Cross-Chain Routing. When completed, users will be able to stake RBC into these liquidity pools to receive a proportional % share of the platform’s cross-chain swap fees.


  1. This week, the DeFi Crypto Revolution breaks out! The first Cross-Chain Routing solution on the market is now live on We want to thank our community for your support and encouragement.

The Rubic Cross-Chain Routing launch has been followed by a number of marketing activities.. We have contacted more than 300 projects, offering them to participate in our “No Gas Fee’’ campaign. Currently, we have 6 projects taking part in this campaign. Do not hesitate and try to trade $WISH, $PHX, $MATE, $ORK, $ULTRA and $FISH tokens with zero Gas fees via Rubic Cross-Chain Routing.

Rubic continues to make new contacts with different projects, therefore you will soon be able to trade even more tokens with your Gas fees refunded.

We will continue to present new projects that will participate in this campaign on a daily basis until the end of September. Do not miss your chance to benefit from this!

2. This week we had a promotional segment about on a video by CryptosRUs video! In his video he was talking about our Cross-chain Routing feature and showed the functionality of the platform and how cross-chain swaps operate!

You can watch it here:

3. Rubic is getting bigger! We want to welcome all the new members of our community! This week, we surpassed 7,000 followers on Twitter! Also we’ve been mentioned in a several Twitter groups and some larger Twitter influencers are starting to organically take notice of our project! Follow our social media accounts and stay tuned!

4. This week, we continued with media coverage of our Cross-Chain Routing release. As you know, there are articles already published on BSC times and on more than 100 different media outlets.

Now you may also read about Rubic Cross Chain Routing on News BSC. If you haven’t heard about our new feature, spend a few minutes and check out the article!

5. This week, our project was also noticed by several Instagram influencers! It’s a great pleasure for us to see this type of growth and publicity. You can see the screenshots here:

We are glad that information about Rubic was shared in yet another social media channel! Rubic is everywhere!

6. Recently, we have published a video tutorial about our Cross-Chain Routing feature on our YouTube channel. Soon, we are going to add more tutorials. Currently, we are working on tutorials for our different bridges as well as a tutorial video on how to use our fiat on-ramp.

You can watch them here as they get uploaded onto our channel:

7. We are so happy to share Rubic’s breathtaking results after releasing Cross-Chain Routing on August 31st. Rubic was on the CoinMarketCap gaining list for the first time! We were also trending on CoinGecko.

It’s a big achievement for our team and we are extremely proud of it.

All of us witnessed Rubic’s breakthrough after the Cross-Chain Routing release! The Rubic team did a splendid job and we are very happy with the release.

8. We continue to build partnerships with different projects, and they continue to integrate our widget! Now you may trade directly on the following websites:

Please, do not forget that the Rubic Relay Widget Activity still continues, and you can win up to $1,500 in RBC/BRBC for promoting the Widget!

Rubic’s marketing team is also working hard at work on raising the number of integrations! Soon, you’ll be able to see our Rubic Relay Widget on more websites.

9. Yesterday, Collin took part in an interview for a YouTube channel “beyondFOMO”. You may see the interview here after it gets uploaded later today:

Next week, Collin will join a podcast with Crypto Current. Do not miss it and make sure to read our social media for further updates.

10. Rubic Weekly Chats!

This week, Rubic had two voice chats with Collin O’Brien. During these voice chats, Collin talked about this week’s events and Rubic’s future plans. If you missed them, be sure to check them out on Anchor or as pinned messages in our official Telegram channel.
Link to Cross-Chain Announcement:

Link to Rubic Weekly Chat with Collin O’Brien:

Thank you for your continued and much-appreciated support!








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