Rubic Weekly Report 8/5/2022

4 min readAug 5, 2022

Hey, Rubicans!
It’s August already, and staking is now here! The Rubic team has been working relentlessly around-the-clock on making sure this round of Staking is perfect for our users. Still, Staking isn’t the only thing that we have on our minds…
Today, we’re happy to share with you other important activities and events happening at Rubic.


  1. DeBridge Update

Last week, we integrated the DeBridge Protocol, to guarantee our users and integrators even more routing options for the most cost-efficient rates for swaps. Since July 27th, our users have executed 441 transactions via DeBridge, with a total swap volume of $184,586.

This week, we’ve been working on improving the process of our users’ interaction with DeBridge on the Rubic platform. Now, you can see the rates for your transaction with no need to connect your Wallet first.

2. Celer Contract Improvements

Our Development Team is striving to create a fully comprehensive Cross-Chain solution for everyone. They have recently been working on updating the Celer contracts. The key aim of these improvements is to provide lower gas fees and add the Aurora Network back into the Rubic Platform.

We’ll keep you informed on all further details on the Celer contracts update.

3. Staking 3.0 Has Started!

August 5th is a significant date for all of us! The 3rd Round of Staking has now started, and our holders have staked almost 6M BRBC within the 1st hour!
If you missed the full rules for the Staking Campaign, hurry and check them out here:

In case you are fully prepared for the 3rd round, you can stake your tokens here:

As always, we hope this Staking experience will be smooth and enjoyable for our users.


  1. Twitter Mentions

xInvestor mentioned Rubic as one of the Top Gainers on Polygon Chain! For now, we take 4th Place on the list, but hopefully Rubic will soon move up even more!

Twitter Influencer Helin posted a thread about Rubic, telling people about the convenience of the Rubic Cross-Chain Solution. We are pleased to know that Rubic is a helping hand for Crypto Traders!

Cryptolaxy mentioned Rubic on their Weekly Price Gainers List among the BNB Chain ecosystem projects! Congratulations to our holders, we are growing!

2. Rubic x Li.Fi AMA

Today, we are happy to hold our AMA session together with Li.Fi representatives.

This AMA is held, as usual, on Rubic’s Telegram Chat and on Twitter. Together, we will answer questions from our communities and talk about our further partnership & development!

3. Most Active Members Contest

Last Friday, we launched the “Most Active Members Contest”, and it’s not over yet (the list will be finalized on August 18th). In case you missed it, during this contest we’re tracking the most active members in our community and rewarding the Top 5 most active members with a share of 4,000 BRBC.

We aren’t going to choose the winners just yet, but we can already see our leaders:

4. New Widget Integration

This week, another project joined the Rubic Ecosystem. Vendetta Games is the cornerstone of the Vendetta DAO ecosystem. They are building a vibrant and exciting suite of games connected to their Wild West Metaverse, Chalk River. The Metaverse and games will feature dynamic next-gen NFTs, interactions with partner games, and a secure scholarship program. In the future, they plan to offer game development services, game design, consultation, and fully built-out white label crypto games. These initiatives will bring real value to their community through their DAO and the upcoming $VDT token.

About Rubic

Rubic is a One-Click Cross-Chain Aggregator which allows users to swap any of 15,500+ tokens, on and between 13 blockchains, and receive the best rates from all leading trading providers. Rubic includes On-Chain & Cross-Chain swaps for Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, Arbitrum, Gnosis, Fuse, Celo, Optimism, Moonbeam, OKC, and Cronos; with seamless fiat on-ramps and more!

Rubic provides the tools for crypto projects to become fully interoperable between blockchains, with an easy-to-install widget and a fully customizable SDK. Rubic is already servicing more than 80 projects! Installation takes only 10 to 30 minutes and unlocks the power of DeFi for any project, with access to over 15,500+ tokens across 13 blockchains, all available right on your web-site or inside your app.

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