Rubic Weekly Report 11/18/2022

5 min readNov 18, 2022

Hello, Rubicans! Another week has passed, and Rubic’s team has been working hard to provide you with new updates. Let’s see what’s happened this week.

Hacker attack update:

Currently, we are cooperating with the Match Systems platform to investigate the hacker attack.

Previously, the hacker withdrew money to different CEXs —, FixedFloat, and Whitebit. Fortunately, we partly managed to block the transferred funds.

For now, the Match Systems agency is analyzing the assets’ movement from the hacker’s accounts.

We can’t reveal all the details now, because it may obstruct the investigation.

We’ll keep you updated!


  1. Oasis Integration

This week, we are completing the integration of the Oasis Network to through Multichain as a provider.

Oasis is the leading privacy-enabled and scalable Layer 1 blockchain network to propel Web3 forward.

Along with the integration of the Oasis Network, Rubic’s Dev team added YuzuSwap as a DEX for Oasis. YuzuSwap is an open, safe, & fair DEX ecosystem with high composability.

This integration will also bring the ROSE token to the Rubic Platform. ROSE is a cryptocurrency that powers the Oasis Protocol, the ROSE token is used to pay for transaction fees and for staking to validate the Oasis Protocol’s proof-of-stake blockchain.

Let’s explore their numbers:

  • Oasis Market Cap $232.9M
  • Trading Volume $20M

2. Metis Integration

Another upcoming blockchain is the Metis Network, increasing the overall number of blockchains on Rubic to 23. Metis is a scalable and sustainable Layer 2 built on Ethereum, onboarding Web2 onto Web3 through their Smart L2 architecture.

Rubic has integrated Netswap, a one-stop exchange platform for DeFi, as a DEX for Metis. Trading any token only takes a few seconds on Netswap. Gas fees cost just a few cents, saving you from a few bucks to a few hundred dollars on your transaction.

METIS is an Ethereum token and operates as the internal currency for staking and payments in the Metis crypto ecosystem. Users can pay for goods and services offered through Decentralized Autonomous Companies (DACs) built on the Metis protocol. METIS tokens also play a role in reducing spam and ensuring trust between developers and users alike.

Here are the numbers:

  • Metis Market Cap $83.9M
  • Trading Volume $3M

3. New DEXs

Netswap and YuzuSwap are not the only new DEXs on Rubic this week! We’ve also completed the integration of several other DEXs:

4. Upcoming Integrations

Now, Rubic’s Development team is working on further integrations. We are thinking of integrating more networks supported by Multichain. For now, our team is planning to integrate Syscoin, Velas, Klaytn, and other new DEXs.

Soon, we’ll add a new cross-chain provider to, XY Finance. It is a cross-chain interoperability protocol aggregating DEXs & Bridges, enabling Smart Routing. Smart Routing provides the best rates and top speeds for all cross-chain transactions.

5. Updated Fees

Next week, we’ll start testing commissions for all on-chain swaps on the Rubic platform.

Also, cross-chain swap fees have been increased this week. We kept the fees fixed, but now, the Rubic Platform charges $2 for all Cross-Chain Swaps in the native token.

Remember that you can avoid any platform usage fees by holding 5,000+ $RBC in your wallet.


  1. Rubic x W3DNA Giveaway

We’re bringing you something special with W3DNA, a protocol that enables you to create & own an NFT domain name and account in any language.

Together with W3DNA, we are launching an NFT giveaway on Galxe. To be eligible for the campaign and get an NFT or Web3 domain, you need to meet all of the conditions below:

Follow these simple rules and claim the NFT after completing these tasks on our Galxe page:

The top 100 most frequent swappers who claimed the NFT will get one of 100 domains from W3DNA. The winners will be able to choose any available domain name. The domains will be sent to users’ BEP-20 wallets.

Prepare yourselves for a unique NFT Giveaway on Rubic, and take a chance to win your very own Web3 domain provided by W3DNA!

Read the details here:

2. Math dApp listing

This week, we’ve been added to the Math dApp Store. Math Wallet is a Multi-Chain Wallet for Web3 with 141+ chains supported. The Math dApp store is a place where you can find decentralized apps and enter the dApp world, with Rubic now available as well!

3. Interview by Robert Ventures

This week, Collin O’Brien attended an interview hosted by Robert Ventures. Watch it and learn which problems Rubic solves with its Cross-Chain tech, what distinguishes us from other major Web3 platforms, and much more.

You can find the interview here:

4. New SDK Integration

Meet Boomerang DEX! On Boomerang Exchange, any user from any country and at any age can trade cryptocurrencies fast, in a user friendly and secure way.

Now, with Rubic’s SDK integrated, you can trade tokens in seconds from chain to chain directly at

5. Rubic x Zebec AMA

Today, we’re hosting a traditional Rubic AMA.

This time, Collin O’Brien will be joined by Zebec, a cross-chain continuous settlement protocol on Solana & soon on BNB!

Catch us along with Zebec today at 4PM UTC, on Twitter & Telegram:




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