Rubic x W3DNA Giveaway: Get Your Unique NFTs!

3 min readNov 17, 2022


Rubicans, we are glad to announce our joint giveaway with the domain provider W3DNA! Get a chance to win a Rubic x W3DNA NFT and gain your own Web3 domain. Let’s dive into the details below.

What is W3DNA?

The W3DNA protocol enables you to create and own an NFT domain name and account in any language, without extensions. With W3DNA, you receive a username for Web 3.0 apps, plus an account to accept payments in a cryptocurrency and chain of your choice.

Rubic x W3DNA Giveaway

Together with W3DNA, we are launching an NFT giveaway on Galxe. To be eligible for the campaign and get an NFT or Web3 domain, you need to meet all of the conditions below:

Follow these simple rules and claim the NFT after completing these tasks on our Galxe page:

The top 100 most frequent swappers who claimed the NFT will get one of 100 domains from W3DNA. The winners will be able to choose any available domain name. The domains will be sent to users’ BEP-20 wallets.

What is special about Web3 domains?

The W3DNA protocol reinvented NFT domains and came up with a new approach to domain creation:

  • Domains without extensions

No more .com, .net, or .eth at the end of your domain name!

  • Any symbol, any language

W3DNA doesn’t limit you by language or symbols. Now, your domain name can speak the language of your audience.

  • No length limit

With *W3DNA, you can choose any domain length — from 1 symbol to near-infinity.

  • Any EVM Chain

Another great advantage of *W3DNA is that you mint your NFT domain only once on three chains at the same time: BSC, Ethereum, and Polygon. Soon, even more EVM chains will be available.

  • Own domain forever

You buy an NFT domain and you own it forever. With a *W3DNA domain, you pay only once. There are no renewal fees and there will never be any.

Read about the advantages of W3DNA domain names here: ​​*W3DNA: Service That Reinvents the NFT Domains.

Good luck, mates! You will be able to claim the NFT after completing these tasks on our Galxe page: Rubic x W3DNA Giveaway!




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