Rubic Weekly Report 10/28/2022

6 min readOct 28, 2022


Hello, Rubic Friends! Today, we are happy to share with you this week’s progress.


1. Kava Integration

Kava is a lightning-fast Layer 1 blockchain, featuring a developer-optimized co-chain architecture that combines the two most used permissionless ecosystems — Ethereum and Cosmos — into a single, scalable network.

Kava’s TVL is $263.34M, its Market Cap is over $428M, and its 24h Trading Volume surpasses $20M.

Now, Rubic is working on Kava’s Integration to On-Chain and Cross-Chain swaps through a Multi-Chain provider. We’ll keep you updated!

ETA: beginning of November

2. New DEXs

This week, we added two new DEXs to Soul Swap for the Fantom Blockchain and ApeSwap for the Telos Network.

Soul Swap is a fully decentralized multi-chain ecosystem that has enabled cross-chain incentives without inflating the emission rate. ApeSwap is also a multi-chain DeFi Hub, offering everyone an accessible, transparent, and secure experience.

With this integration, the Rubic platform will offer you an even more convenient and cost-efficient solution for cross-chain swaps with more available tokens.

3. Top 15 Crypto Builders

We continue to build Web3 no matter the market state, and we recently reached the 13th highest position in GitHub commits, making it into the top 15 crypto projects alongside Solana, Bitcoin, and SushiSwap!

Check it out:

4. On-Chain Proxy Contract

Our Dev team is now working on a universal proxy contract for all On-Chain Swaps. This contract will improve the UX and reduce necessary user action to a minimum while implementing transactions. With this integration, users will only need to approve a swap once and that’s it!

5. Hedera Network

Our Development team is in constant search for future integrations, and along with the Kava network, we are working on integrating the Hedera network.

Hedera is a public network for everyone. It is designed for fast, fair, and secure applications that take advantage of the efficiency of hashgraph on a decentralized, public network you can trust. Let’s view some market stats:

Hedera’s Market Cap is $1.5B, 24-hour Trading Volume is $149.2M,

24-hour Number of Transactions is more than ​​378,000, and Total Volume is $35,541,806.

Rubic’s team is now conducting research on the Hedera network, and we’ll start the integration process soon.


  1. Rubic’s Birthday NFT Giveaway, Last Week — deBridge.

The last week of Rubic’s Birthday celebration is almost over, and we’re finishing Rubic’s Birthday Campaign together with deBridge. Take advantage of your last opportunity to win our special NFTs, and participate in the campaign ending on October 31st.

Swap crypto via deBridge, complete all the tasks below, and get your wallets ready for our awesome NFTs:

Plus, you can become one of the five most frequent swappers to get an extra NFT, providing year-long zero fees on Rubic!

Don’t miss your chance, and dive into more details here: NFT Giveaway to Celebrate Rubic’s Birthday.

Since the promotion started, the number of cross-chain transactions via deBridge grew 18 times vs the September-October average, and we thank you immensely for your interest and support, Rubicans!

We had great fun holding this Campaign, and it wouldn’t have been so amusing and cheery without your engagement!

2. The Rubic x deBridge Article

This week, we’ve prepared an article about deBridge, a cross-chain interoperability protocol that enables anyone to build powerful cross-chain dApps!

The project was integrated into Rubic as a cross-chain provider in July 2022. deBridge brought more options to Rubic’s transaction routing, and facilitated the cost-efficiency of swap rates for Rubic’s users, as well as for SDK and Widget integrators.

Since then, Rubic has generated more than $1.6M of swap volume via deBridge. Check out how deBridge contributes to Rubic’s growth:

See how Rubic & deBridge help each other move Web3 further, and what makes this partnership so perfect: deBridge & Rubic: Enabling Seamless Cross-chain Composability.

3. DeGameFi Conference

This weekend, Rubic joined DeGameFi — the First Web3 Conference in the Caucasus Region! Our CMO Elena Nova spoke about the power of cross-chain tech, which can be provided to any dApp, and shared our view on DeFi’s cross-chain future.

4. “Making the Metaverse” podcast!

Rubic has joined Michael Carter in the “Making the Metaverse” podcast! Making the Metaverse is a community project designed to give creators a platform to share their vision.

Dive into the world of cross-chain and learn what role Rubic plays in it:

5. Coin360 Token Gainers

The recent surge in major cryptocurrency prices is leading the rally in the broader crypto market.

Low-cap cryptos utilize this impact well, and Rubic is included in the list of the top low-cap gainers this week!

6. New Widget Integrations

Meet PegHub! PHUB is a limited supply token and the perfect investment for anyone that wants to share in the revenue of all BOMB Money protocols, both current and future. 100% of the revenue from protocols that would go to developers instead goes directly into an automated smart contract, which continually buys back PHUB tokens and distributes them to all PHUB stakers. The tokenomics give PHUB an unlimited price potential!

Now, users can buy $PHUB directly at

Another integrator is Marshall Inu. Their goal is to support fighters worldwide, no matter what stage they are at in their career.

Marshall Inu project is created by dedicated MMA fans to help fighters with that extra bit of income with no strings attached, so they can focus on what they do best! So far, they’ve donated over $5mm dollars to more than 400 MMA fighters — and we are just getting started!

WinWinCoins is an initiative support the newbies in the crypto market with AI based trading bots to reap excellent returns. Win all the trades with WinWinCoins.

KekChain — A Fast & secure Blockchain. KeK Chain strives to solve scalability and usability issues, without compromising decentralization, and leverages the existing developer community and ecosystem. It is an off-chain/external scaling solution for existing platforms to provide scalability and superior user experience for DApps/user features.

7. Weekly Voice Chat

This week voice chat is held, as usual, in Rubic’s Twitter Spaces and in the Telegram Chat. Сollin will host Tommy, the BD team representative of the Kava blockchain, which is going to be integrated in the coming weeks.

We’ll answer questions from our community, talk about the new Kava integration, along with our further partnerships & development!

Join us here:




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