Rubic Weekly Report 07/29/2022

Welcome to our newest Weekly Report, Rubicans! Our team has been working hard throughout the last week — All for you!

Please, enjoy the progress we’ve made in the development and marketing of the Rubic Platform.


  1. Contract Update

Rubic is moving to new cross-chain smart contracts. As of today, we’ve managed to update the majority of our contracts. We have created specific numbers to be associated with Rubic, which relate Rubic, and can be easily recognisable!

This will also increase the security of our platform, as users will be able to easily check the contract address before making a transaction.

Also, now Rubic contracts look fancy in MetaMask!

2. Fees Update

We have launched new fees! Now we charge a fixed fee of only $1 instead of a percentage of the transaction (0.3%, and later 0.15%).

For all of Rubic’s partners who have integrated or are planning to integrate our SDK, we offer to choose whether they want to charge a percentage fee, a fixed fee or both.

And remember, Rubic’s team provides you with the most convenient and cost-efficient solution!

3. DeBridge Integration

Rubic is pleased to announce an integration with , a generic messaging and cross-chain interoperability protocol that enables transfers of arbitrary messages and value between blockchains.

The deBridge integration with deSwap — an application that enables capital-efficient cross-chain swaps — will enable the Rubic platform to provide users with a more stable solution, additional routes and cost-efficient rates.

contributes to a better user experience for cross-chain swaps between arbitrary liquid assets on the Rubic platform, ensuring more exchange providers and possibilities. In the future, they will contribute to adding more DEXs and networks (both EVM and non-EVM chains) which we will add to the Rubic Platform as soon as possible.

This integration provides our users and integrators with even more options for routing and the most cost-efficient rates for swaps. DeBridge is one of the leading bridges and providers on the market, enjoy Rubicans!

You can read details about this integration here:

4. Rubic Staking 3.0

Another round of BRBC Staking is about to begin! This long-awaited Staking Campaign brings lots of novelties! Our team is working hard on making this Staking Campaign just right for our users.

On Monday , we’ll share with you all the updated and improved rules for this round. Don’t worry, everyone will have enough time to prepare for Staking. Just keep up with our latest news and stay tuned!


1. Certik Interview

Mondays are always busy, and you might have missed our interview with , posted recently!

Rubic’s Marketing and Business Developer — Collin O’Brien talked about why we chose CertiK for the audit process, Rubic’s future plans, and more.

Watch the full interview here:

2. LiFi x Rubic Article

Our excitement about this integration cannot be overstated! Yesterday, posted a Medium Article about our partnership and their integration to Rubic platform.

Read the full article here:

3. New SDK Integration

This week, our strategic partner joined the ranks of projects who have integrated Rubic’s SDK.

We believe this integration will make the user experience for PolyTrade Wallet’s more soothing and satisfying since Cross-Chain trading is no longer a challenge for them!

Swap more than 15,500+ tokens between 13 blockchains directly on .

4. New Widget Integration

Meet the newest projects to join Rubic’s ecosystem!

— They see their token as a means of mutual settlements in the commercial ecosystem of products and services.

are dedicated to rewarding holders in Luna Classic, burning the supply of Luna Classic and creating a Classic Lunatics range of NFTS.

— A platform for all types of goods and services, cars, real estate, job ads, various shops, entertainment, leisure, dating and much more.

5. Gnosis Chain Support

As you know, the is now available for Cross-Chain Trading on Rubic! We really appreciate the support we are receiving from Gnosis in sharing this news with the greater crypto community.

The Rubic team is glad to be included in the Gnosis Weekly Updates!

6. Polkadot Space on StellaSwap Integration

The integration of StellaSwap into Rubic as one of the DEXs for the Moonbeam network was announced on Twitter by , and included into their Daily Digest on July 28th!

7. Telegram Community Contests

Today, we launched several Telegram Contests for the most active members of our Community. We reckon you might have missed the spirit of competition, that’s why we’re launching 2 community contests!

  • Most Active Members Contest

During this contest, we will track the most active members of our community and reward the Top 5 most active members with a share of 4,000 BRBC.

  • Community #Assistant Contest
  • During this contest, Rubic will reward any community members that create material that will help users learn more about Rubic. This can entail any sort of material: educational, promotional or anything else that will help increase awareness of our Cross-Chain solution for all newcomers.

8. OKC AMA Session

For today’s AMA session, we welcome a special guest from OKExChain.

This AMA is held, as usual, on Rubic’s Telegram Chat and on Twitter. Together, we will answer questions from our communities and talk about our further partnership & development!

About Rubic

Rubic is a One-Click Cross-Chain Aggregator which allows users to swap any of 15,500+ tokens, on and between 13 blockchains, and receive the best rates from all leading trading providers. Rubic includes On-Chain & Cross-Chain swaps for Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, Arbitrum, Gnosis, Fuse, Celo, Optimism, Moonbeam, OKC and Cronos; with seamless fiat on-ramps and more!

Rubic provides the tools for crypto projects to become fully interoperable between blockchains with an easy-to-install widget and a fully customizable SDK. Rubic is already servicing more than 80 projects! Installation takes only 10 to 30 minutes and unlocks DeFi for any project, with access to over 15,500+ tokens across 13 blockchains, all available right on your web-site or inside your app.

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Rubic is a Cross-Chain Tech Aggregator for users & dApps. Rubic aggregates 40+ chains, 90+ DEXs & bridges, and enables swapping of 15,500+ assets in 1 click.

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Rubic is a Cross-Chain Tech Aggregator for users & dApps. Rubic aggregates 40+ chains, 90+ DEXs & bridges, and enables swapping of 15,500+ assets in 1 click.