Rubic Weekly Report 07/02/21

6 min readJul 2, 2021

It’s time for our Weekly Update!


1. New UI

We will officially transfer to on Monday, July 5th.
Currently, all functionality except for the order books feature is working.

Full functionality, including the mobile version, will be available by the end of next week.

This week’s updates and fixes:

  • Crypto Tap fully integrated
  • Bug fixes
  • Rate auto-update is now live

Official UI Release: July 5th

Mobile Version Release: July 9th

2. Rubic Trading Alert Bot

Over the last few months, we received many questions regarding the usage of our platform. Currently, you are able to find our Accumulated Transactions Volume statistics at We are going to expand upon that with a special trading alert bot that will notify the telegram chat of the biggest trades that were made on our platform!

It will continue to work even after the implementation of live updates of our Accumulated Transaction Volume, which will be coming soon as well.

Release Date: July 6th

3. SushiSwap Integration

Rubic is in the final stages of integrating SushiSwap into our platform. This will enable the Rubic platform to provide even more options and better rates across multiple DEXs. In the first stage of integration, we will add SushiSwap for the Ethereum network, and in the second stage of integration we will enable SushiSwap for the Polygon network.

Release Date: July 9th

4. Uniswap v3

We are currently investigating the integration of Uniswap v3 to our platform. We will share more news about this integration in future updates.

5. BSC <-> Polygon Bridge

Rubic will integrate a cross-chain bridge solution between the BSC and Polygon networks. This feature will enable users to easily transfer their assets between these two networks.

Release Date: July 15th


1.Rubic applied to several accelerator programs with the goal of reaching larger audiences.

This week, we are happy to announce that our application to the Accelerator Fund Support was accepted and we have had discussions with their team regarding our participation in their Accelerator Program.

At this point in time, less than 20% of project submissions have proceeded past the first stages of review, and Rubic was one of the first teams that did, and we have already had meetings with We will inform our community about further progress of our potential participation in this and other programs.

Stay tuned!

2. The Rubic Relay helps bring about mass adoption for the Rubic platform. We continue to collaborate with different projects in order to integrate the Rubic Relay widget to different websites.

As a part of our partnership expansion this week, several projects have integrated our Rubic Relay widget:


Netvrk is a social Virtual Reality platform, built on the blockchain. Netvrk functions as a combination of Virtual Reality and blockchains technologies. The Netvrk team strives to create a VR platform based on a real world model. Its universe consists of planets, oceans, seas, countries and cities. Via Netvrk, using VR creation tools, any user can build a real world-like simulation or come up with a brand-new universe. Luckily, no special skills or knowledge are required for using Netvrk’s creation tools. It is as simple as drag and drop.

More projects are also planning to integrate our Rubic Relay widget into their websites.

You can help your favorite projects integrate the Rubic Relay widget into their websites by sharing information about our feature with their teams!

3. Today, we have been listed on CoinMarketCap as an exchange!

Currently, there are no live volume statistics, but we have contacted CoinMarketCap team in order to change that.

We will make an announcement as soon as our listing includes live statistics!

4. We are happy to share that we have prepared the first batch of our merchandise! Soon our community will be able to buy their favorite hoodies, as well as the hoodies from the design contest! We will also create a limited series of T-shirts with this art:

and more art will be done soon!

Merch Shop Launch: July

5. We finished preparing a new newsletter which will be sent to more than 30,000 emails where we share information about our platform and our recent UI update!
We will continue to send these emails in order to inform potential investors and future partners about our future updates!

6. Today, we hosted our 5th Weekly Voice Chat Session in Telegram. Our host, Collin O’Brien, answered many questions from active members of our community and announced that from now on the author of the best questions during the session will be rewarded $50 in RBC!

The first winner is: Agung

We want to thank everyone for their questions and for participating!

Please feel free to DM Collin on Telegram (@CollinOBrien) if you have any questions, and he will do his best to answer them in the next Weekly
Voice Chat Session.

7. Tomorrow, we will release another entry into our “2 Minutes With Rubic’s Team Member” video series. In this episode, Diana talked with another of Rubic’s Front-End Developers — Dmitriy Sleta. This time, the video was made in Russian and they discussed Rubic features, the Rubic Relay widget and his path onto the Rubic team!

8. More projects are getting listed at Rubic! This week, we have listed these projects: is a peer-to-peer (P2P) price-shield insurance protocol that launched in January 2021 on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with the aim to redefining option trading with user-friendly insurance policy wrapping. allows users to create an insurance policy for any crypto asset in the market, protecting DeFi users against the risk of price fluctuations. Policy trading on Helmet is market-oriented, without complex mathematics. There are two kinds of policy on Helmet: SHORT Tokens and LONG tokens.

Visit their website to find out more!


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Thank you for your continued and much-appreciated support!








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