Rubic Weekly Report 06/25/21

  • Tron bridge & bridge settings (custom wallet addresses for the bridge)
  • Polygon bridge (Polygon -> ETH)
  • xDai bridge (ETH -> xDai)
  • My Trades functionality is now live
  • Double button selection to approve and swap across all cross-chain bridges and Instant Trades
  • Added a button “Receive” for the Polygon bridge
    General bug fixes & improvements
  • Crypto Tap
  • Auto-Updates for Instant Trades
  • Settings for Instant Trades


1.This Wednesday, we had an AMA session for our Chinese audiences!

  • Are there any projects that can compete with
  • Why are you better than famous DEX’s: Uniswap, 1inch, etc.?
  • Since you are so unique and multipurpose in the crypto industry, how come you have less users than other platforms?
  • Fees have become lower, is there still a demand for cross-chain swaps and your routing system?

Thank you for your continued and much-appreciated support!




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Rubic: A ‘one-click’ Cross-Chain Protocol + tools to enable it for apps. Trade over 15,000+ tokens, on and between 13 networks, through aggregation of 60+ DEXs!