Rubic Weekly Report 02/11/22

Here is our weekly update!

7 min readFeb 11, 2022


Integrations of New Blockchains — DEXs and Multi-Chain

  1. Aurora Integration

This Monday, Rubic successfully integrated the Aurora Network into our Multi-Chain Protocol. This will enable users of the Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Moonriver, Fantom, Solana, Harmony, and Arbitrum networks to easily complete swaps to and from any token in the Aurora ecosystem.

This integration was made as part of our participation in the NEAR MetaBUILD Hackathon with a $1,000,000 total prize pool. During this hackathon, the participating teams needed to complete the development of a dApp which could then be used in the NEAR ecosystem.

Aurora Blockchain has several benefits compared to other blockchains, one of which is $0.01 gas fees and 2 second transaction times. Currently, Aurora Blockchain has $500 Million in Total Value Locked with 65 projects live on their network.

Read more here:

2. Near Integration Development

Last week, Rubic announced that the next blockchain integration will be the NEAR Protocol. Currently, the NEAR protocol has 90 Million total transactions with a Total Value Locked of $103.4 Million.

This integration encompasses three main additions:

  1. The integration of the NEAR wallet to Rubic
  2. The integration of 2 main DEX’s on the NEAR Protocol
  3. The integration of the NEAR Protocol into our Multi-Chain Protocol

The integration of the NEAR protocol will be completed next week.

For this integration, Rubic has also applied for the Encode x Near Hackathon! This hackathon will be held over the course of four weeks, with the hackathon being dedicated to projects that are building DAPP’s on the NEAR Protocol.

Widgets & SDK

  1. Referral Program Launch

This Thursday, we launched the Rubic Referral Program!

The Rubic Development Team will continue additional development of the Rubic Referral Program.
The Rubic Referral Program will allow people to create their own referral link, and offers new projects the opportunity to integrate our unique Rubic Relay Widget into their website.

After only 12 hours, the first project has completed the integration of our Rubic Relay Widget via a referral code. This project is LAND OF IMMORTALS and even more projects are planning to start integrating the widget in the following week!

Promoters will get 50% of the fees for each On-Chain transaction, and a fixed reward for each successful integration, from 500 RBC to 5,000 RBC.

Projects that successfully integrate Rubic’s Widget via your referral link will automatically be counted as one of your referrals.

Also, projects that have integrated the widget through a referral link will receive 25% of the fees from every transaction through the installed widget.

You can find more detailed information on how to participate in our referral program, as well as a link to the referral code page, by using these links:

2. Simplifying the Integration of the Rubic Relay Widget

Our team has finished the creation of “Simple Rubic Relay Widget Integrations”. This will allow projects to easily create and integrate our widget, taking into account their goals, and doing so without any programming knowledge! The only thing that projects will need to do is choose the required parameters in the form, and click the ‘Apply’ button to generate the code needed for integration.

Developers would just need to copy and paste the code into their website, and now they will enjoy all the benefits of Rubic’s Multi-Chain functionality.
The form can be found here:

Multi-Chain Development

  1. Rubic Auto-Refund Policy

Currently, Rubic is finalizing the development of Auto-Refunds for This will significantly simplify the process of Auto-Refunds on the platform.

Rubic will issue the refund in USDC tokens. The amount of the refund will be equal to the amount of tokens in USD at the moment when the trade was initiated. The refund will be completed in the Target network.


User fails to complete a swap from Token A on Ethereum to Token B on Binance Smart Chain. In this example, Rubic will complete the Auto-Refund to the user via the USDC token on the BSC network.

We are looking forward to improving this system as well as the mechanics of it. In the future, we are considering providing users with a choice: complete an auto-trade on cached slippage, complete the refund in the source network, and other options. Rubic continues to listen to our community, and we appreciate all of the input, suggestions and opinions of our users. As such, we gladly embraced the idea of introducing an Auto-Refund system.

You can find an extended explanation of this politics here:

2. Validators

In the middle of January, Rubic announced that we will release the Validators code for public usage. Currently, the open-source code is 95% ready and it will be released sometime next week.

The release will significantly increase the transparency of our open-source code of the Rubic Multi-Chain Protocol and allow more people to review it.
This release will be paired with Medium articles and updates on our Documentation.


  1. This week, we had another YouTube influencer’s support Rubic. My Financial Friend started one of his videos talking about Rubic. He reviewed the platform and announced the start of our new Referral campaign. You can watch his video here.
  2. If you are still looking for the most significant and impactful crypto tools in the industry, you’d better read this new article by Captainaltcoin. Among crypto alarm clocks and Telegram bots, you will find the Rubic Protocol as an example of an extremely useful tool for Crypto holders. To gain more knowledge about a handful of useful crypto tools read their article here:
  3. This week, we started the Rubic Referral Campaign, and it has not gone unnoticed! We’d like to thank Pokemon Drops, Presale Promoters and Airdrop Villian for posting about the start of our Referral Campaign. By the way, we already have more than 100 Promoters and 6 new projects that are ready to integrate the widget!

And we also would like to thank the Bitcoin Industry TG channel for their continuous support of our Multi-Chain Protocol.

4. This week, the Rubic team worked on numerous updates, and luckily, Twitter is talking about them! For sure, the biggest integration this week was the connection of the Aurora Network into Rubic’s On-Chain and Multi-Chain Protocols. This integration was covered by Aurories, Smart Crypto News and Nearity Twitter accounts.

Rubic also partnered with Testnet Research, and a big thanks to the Bull Crypto News Twitter account for sharing it!

And MirMir project shared with their subscribers the new feature of buying the $MIRMIR token directly on their website via the Rubic Relay Widget!

By the way, Rubic listed $JOKE this week, do not hesitate to sell or purchase it on Rubic.

And we’d like to thank Outlier Ventures for including us in their list! Rubic is in Top-5 teams that shipped new products this week.

Fun fact: Rubic was updated 156 times in the last month! And Stack knows, for sure! They tweeted about all of the updates our developers have been making.

5. Continuing on with these new Rubic Relay Widget integrations, we are pleased to announce the new integration of the widget into the Land of Immortals project, whose users get the opportunity to become part of the platform, trade NFT cards and participate in epic battles.

And we are also happy to have our Widget on the ONE Immortl website!

6. This Friday, Rubic’s Collin O’Brien had a community manager from the Near Nigeria guild on our podcast.

They discussed blockchain technology for Nigeria, what Near means for them, and how Rubic’s integration of Near will help them expand the network in their country.

Thank you for your continued and much-appreciated support!




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