Rubic Liquidity Providing Whitelist Lottery Results

1 min readApr 26, 2022

Hello community!

Tomorrow on April 27th, Round 1 of the Rubic Liquidity Providing Program launches, and you can start adding liquidity directly on Rubic right away. RBC holders will get rewards at up to 27% APR* in USDC during Round 1 of the Program, which will last for 2 months.

Users who have participated in the First Round of BRBC Staking will have a guaranteed allocation of up to 800 USDC tokens in the liquidity pool. The minimum deposit amount for them is 500 USDC. This guaranteed allocation will be available for them for 24 hours from the start of the Liquidity Program.

Also, we announced a raffle with more whitelist allocations as a contest on Twitter. Here are the lucky winners who will get a guaranteed allocation of 500 USDC minimum up to 800 USDC!

  • 0x957a5e747b29171c61278418330d025ec150f634
  • 0x7AEe63D31D83D3B86324E6F0ffdBD6568111Ca43
  • 0xf3363394f638f877D892679255FC5E81361431ec
  • 0x7FD0fcdBc9DA0cd5F30753A246B6F165A827Bf0b
  • 0x18e45cf8a9c5ceec3252cb0a57b701cebb12aa61
  • 0x203b60cD775f2A3088B2c7D06055Fb3B17D2e8aE

Thank you to all the participants! Next time please make sure to complete all the required actions as there were a number of addresses that weren’t eligible.

Rubicans, don’t forget about our detailed instructions and get ready for the coming LP launch!

* This APR is a preliminary calculation based on previous months.




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