Rubic Liquidity Providing Whitelist Lottery Results

  • 0x957a5e747b29171c61278418330d025ec150f634
  • 0x7AEe63D31D83D3B86324E6F0ffdBD6568111Ca43
  • 0xf3363394f638f877D892679255FC5E81361431ec
  • 0x7FD0fcdBc9DA0cd5F30753A246B6F165A827Bf0b
  • 0x18e45cf8a9c5ceec3252cb0a57b701cebb12aa61
  • 0x203b60cD775f2A3088B2c7D06055Fb3B17D2e8aE



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Rubic: A ‘one-click’ Cross-Chain Protocol + tools to enable it for apps. Trade over 15,000+ tokens, on and between 13 networks, through aggregation of 60+ DEXs!