The Telos Protocol has been Successfully Integrated into Rubic!

On-Chain and Multi-Chain Integrations

The integration of the Telos Protocol marks a brand-new full blockchain integration of 2022 for Rubic. However, it is only the beginning of numerous upcoming integrations. For the integration of the Telos Protocol, the Rubic Development Team completed the integration of 2 main DEXs on Telos. These 2 DEXs are SushiSwap and Zappy. Both DEXs are now available to use for both On-Chain and Multi-Chain swaps with Telos. The integration of these DEXs will enable users to not only find the best rates during On-Chain swaps, but will also allow Rubic’s Smart Routing to find the best route and price for your Multi-Chain swaps. As a result of these integrations, Rubic’s Multi-Chain Protocol offers a simple and reliable trading solution for Telos users as well as users from other networks.

What is Telos?

Telos is the community-driven network that powers the fastest EVM in the world. The network’s Telos EVM offers 0.5 second block times, highly scalable infrastructure with up to 10,000 transactions per second, low fixed cost transactions in the pennies, and no front-running.

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