The routing system is now live at!

Today we are happy to introduce our routing system for Ethereum and BSC trades, this will allow completing trades for any pair on these networks.

Not all tokens have enough liquidity in pairs, so for some pairs, it is required to create a route that will solve this problem.

And with the implementation of the Rubic routing system, you can easily swap any token at This feature will be constantly updated and in the future will allow users to trade their tokens from different networks using this system.

Rubic creates the best experience for the users of all blockchains and it’s essential to give an ability to trade any pair of tokens with the best price.

What is special about Rubic Routing?

Rubic created a routing solution that will allow users to trade any token on BSC and Ethereum network. Our self-created routing system for Ethereum has several advantages over the Uniswap routing system. The main advantage is the ability to calculate gas prices and show users the best-optimised solution with paying the least amount of gas.

“Use Rubic optimisation” is enabled by default, however, you can disable it so that the optimal route is simply built, without taking into account the cost of gas.

Our routing system will give users lower prices on their swaps than most DEXs. Users will receive quotes for lower prices in situations where the price difference between different swap outcomes costs more than the ANTICIPATED price difference for the miner’s commission fees. When this difference in swap price is more than the difference in miner’s commission fees, the user will be presented with an option for a cheaper swap route. In situations where this occurs, users will also be given an option with a more expensive gas fee and a longer route to execute the swap, due to potential issues with liquidity.

For example, you can trade 1 RBC to USDT on Uniswap and pay 56$ for that, or it’s possible to use the Rubic routing system and pay 37$ fees.

However, to complete the trade both tokens must have liquidity in pairs:

In Ethereum network they must have liquidity with at least one of these tokens: $ETH, $USDT, $DAI, $USDC

In BSC they must have liquidity with at least one of these tokens: $WETH, $CAKE, $BUSD, $XVS

In the future, we will increase the number of these tokens.

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