Staking Liquidity Campaign

Our last campaign was a great success, and many users asked us, “Will there be another campaign?” — And the answer is “Yes, definitely!”

We held our first Governance poll last week, allowing holders of RBC and BRBC to decide on which network we’ll have our new Liquidity Staking Campaign.

During this voting period, holders of RBC and BRBC decided to hold our next liquidity campaign on the Ethereum network, and it will start this week on May 30th!

The rewards for our campaign will partially be sent out manually, to reduce gas fees which usually affect small holders the most.

Here are the rules:

Total rewards: 1,000,000 RBC (allocated from Marketing funds)

Period: 05/30 to 08/30, 2021

Duration: 3 months

Period: May 30th to August 30th

Before May 30th, provide RBC/ETH liquidity to Uniswap. Don’t remove it (do not transfer it to another address) until August 30th.

Min 0.5 ETH in RBC and 0.5 ETH, total: 1 ETH

Max 50 ETH in RBC and 50 ETH, total: 100 ETH

On or after August 30th, the user will get +20% in RBC.

For example:

If a user adds 1 ETH and 15000 RBC to Uniswap, the reward will be 15000*0.2=3000 RBC.

Or if a user adds 3 ETH and 45000 RBC to Uniswap, the reward will be 45000*0.2=9000 RBC.

The current rate of RBC does not matter here, as all calculations are based on the time that liquidity was added. Also, it doesn’t matter how much ETH was added with RBC. Lastly, if a user transfers his tokens out, even once, before the end of the campaign, they will not be eligible to receive staking rewards.

Team tokens provided for Liquidity on Uniswap are NOT included in the Staking Liquidity program.

First in, first served — until we‘ve reached the limit for our reward fund. (limit: 1,000,000 RBC)

How to add liquidity to Uniswap

  1. Go to:

2. Add the amount of RBC that you want to add to liquidity. You will need to add the equivalent amount of ETH depending on the rate.

Please check the limits:

Min 0.5 ETH in RBC and 0.5 ETH, total: 1 ETH

Max 50 ETH in RBC and 50 ETH total: 100 ETH

3. Press Approve and Supply

4. After adding the liquidity on Uniswap, you will get Uni-V2 tokens from Uniswap

5. If you participate in our Staking campaign, to qualify for staking rewards, you won’t be able to transfer tokens between the May 30th and the August 30th, 2021.

6. We’ll send out your rewards on or after August 30th, as long as you meet the previously-stated requirements.

Thank you for your continued support!







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