Rubic’s slogan contest!

Hello community!

Today we want to announce to you our new contest! As you know, Rubic is constantly improving and progressing, and we want you to be part of this process.

You will need to create our new slogan! Our old one was: “Make trades on your terms, share and generate revenue”, and we think this is the time to change it. We know how creative and involved our community is and we are sure that you will bring up the best ideas for us.

The contest will have 2 winners. The author of the slogan chosen by the team will get $50 in $RBC! The second winner will also win $50 in $RBC but will be chosen by the community!

Contest will be held for 2 weeks, from 01-Feb till 12-Feb

From 01-Feb till 06-Feb you will need to send your slogan/slogans to our Discord channel #slogans (if you haven’t joined already here’s the link:
If you’re looking for help, please ask your questions in #general-chat and let’s keep this channel only with slogans.

From 08.02 the community will have the chance to choose 1 slogan out of 15 chosen by the team. Voting will be held in our Telegram community group.

On 12.02 the team will announce winners!

Criteria for the slogans

1. It must be catchy

2. It must be related with Rubic (as a DeFi platform).

3. Not longer than 90 characters/ not more than 12 words

4. You can use the next words/phrases to revolve around (or be crazy and think outside the box):

  • P2P trades
  • instant swaps
  • multichain
  • cross chain
  • DEX
  • in ONE place
  • ONE STOP platform
  • Trade with your own terms
  • best rates from all leading protocols

Thank you for your precious support!






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Rubic Multichain DeFi Platform that organizes DeFi services to enable a project to create, manage, and trade tokens in a decentralized way in ONE PLACE.