Rubic Yearly Report 2023

5 min readDec 28, 2023

Let’s highlight Rubic’s achievements throughout 2023!

2023 was an outstanding year for Rubic, marked by substantial growth in many areas!

  • We added 44 new chains, including non-EVM & L2 chains, expanding our reach!
  • Our user base surged to over 232K wallets, a whopping 311% increase from the previous year.
  • User activity was remarkable, reaching 423,014 Total Transactions, reflecting a substantial 115% increase.
  • On-Chain transactions on Rubic stole the spotlight, hitting 225,493 and growing an impressive 218%. We’re proud of our achievements in cross-chain transactions, with 197,521 recorded — a solid 57% growth versus 2022.
  • A real game-changer was the Number of Transactions to ETH L2s, with 133,470 swaps and an extraordinary 9,035% growth.

In summary, 2023 was a standout year for Rubic, marked by growth, innovation, and the inclusion of many new chains & features. We look forward to more success and community engagement in the coming years!

Now, let’s delve into what made our 2023 so successful. Reflecting on the year, we productively used this time to build the platform and expand.


Throughout the year, we rolled out MEV-Bot Protection, the Revoke Approval feature, the Token Security Rating for enhanced safety, Staking, and our innovative SwapToEarn Feature for extra earnings and loyalty. Rubic’s community has staked over 32,838,313 RBC, experiencing an impressive APR of 50% on average, with an ATH of up to 325%.

Integrating 6 testnets on a separate Testnet App, along with a significant UX Design Update, marked our commitment to staying at the forefront of technology.


We launched over 30 campaigns on different chains from Base to Linea this year, with a major focus on Layer 2 networks.

Joining major campaigns by in-demand L2 chains like Polygon zkEVM Saga, Mantle Journey, Manta Fest, and Linea DeFi Voyage, we aimed to create more opportunities for our users within those ecosystems.


Our team has participated in many events worldwide, from Berlin to Istanbul. We met awesome people at Blockchain Fest 2023, WOW Summit, DevConnect Event, Token 2049 Crypto Event, Linea DemoDay, and more. These events not only facilitated the building of connections, but also allowed us to spread the excitement of Rubic across the planet and the metaverse!


We added 44 new chains while integrating many DEXs and cross-chain providers like SyncSwap, Izumi, XY DEX, Stargate, HorizonDEX, FusionX, DLN, Squid, and many more. These integrations elevated our smart routing feature, ensuring seamless and cost-efficient routes for swaps on 70+ chains.


In 2023, Rubic achieved significant milestones by getting support from notable crypto projects. We received grants from Arbitrum, PulseChain, Arthera, and Manta, underscoring their recognition of our dedication to innovation and the growth of the decentralized ecosystem.

In addition to the grants, Rubic proudly participated in the Sony Incubation Program, a testament to our commitment to pushing boundaries and exploring new frontiers in blockchain technology.


In 2023, our business development team forged exciting partnerships with numerous new projects! Welcoming 65+ dApps into our ecosystem, we’ve equipped them with comprehensive ready-made cross-chain solutions. They successfully integrated Rubic’s tools on platforms like ZapEx, Broccoli Swap, PulseHeartBridge, zkSwap, RocketX, and PortalX. It’s a source of pride for us to share our cutting-edge technologies across the crypto world!

Other Achievements:

This year, Rubic definitely made some waves in the cryptoverse:

  1. CryptoRank recognized us among the top DeFi projects for 30-day user growth.

2. We got into the top 30 on DappRadar’s list of top DeFi Apps.

3. Our development team is in the top 10 GitHub contributors.

4. And throughout this year, we’ve been among the most active projects on chains like Base, Manta, and zkSync Era.

As we wrap up our journey across the achievements of 2023, it’s evident that Rubic has navigated a path of incredible growth and innovation. From new features enhancing user safety to dynamic campaigns on various networks, impactful events around the world, and seamless integrations for an ever-expanding ecosystem, each step has contributed to making 2023 a standout year for Rubic.

New Year Congratulations:

To our amazing Rubicans, you’re the heartbeat of our community, and your passion has made every achievement possible. As we step into the New Year, our hearts are full of gratitude and warmth. Thank you for being a part of our family. Here’s to a 2024 filled with joy, laughter, and shared victories. Happy New Year!




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