Rubic x Syscoin: The Best of Bitcoin and Ethereum

What is the Syscoin Network?

Fast and Secure: let’s see how Syscoin unites the best of crypto!

Syscoin on

The Syscoin Network was integrated into through Multichain as a provider. A DEX conducting swaps from and to Syscoin is Pegasys, the first DEX and AMM on Syscoin NEVM. Have a look at this article about Pegasys’ integration into Syscoin.

Syscoin’s Superiority

Syscoin presents a combination of both Bitcoin and Ethereum, with intuitions built on top to achieve a more efficient financial computing platform that leverages coordination to achieve consensus, using Crypto Economic rationale and incentives.

How does it work?

Let’s explore the duality of Syscoin and expound on the opportunities of its architecture.

  • Dual-Chain Layer 1
  • NEVM Chain (EVM)
  • Native Chain (UTXO)
  • Rollux Layer-2 Suite

What is SYS?

This integration also brings the SYS token to the Rubic Platform. Syscoin (SYS) is the native token of Syscoin. Its tokenomics are based on Ethereum’s EIP-1559 proposal without a capped maximum supply. Prior to the NEVM mainnet release and the introduction of EIP-1559, SYS had a maximum supply of 888 million tokens.

Syscoin Ecosystem

Syscoin unites thousands of apps, including various Metaverses, Bridges, dApps, Launchpads, and more. You can find the full list of apps and integrations here:



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