Rubic x Moonriver Trading Competition!

Complete swaps using $RBC, $BRBC, $wRBC, $NEKU or $RivrDoge, in order to win a share of the $6,000 prize pool!

This Monday, our team successfully integrated Moonriver into In order to celebrate it, today we are happy to announce one more trading competition for all users of our Multi-Chain Swaps! This competition is created with the help of the projects: RivrDoge and NEKU.

During this competition, you will need to complete Multi-Chain Swaps using Rubic tokens or the tokens of our partners. The competition will be held from the 10th of November up until the 24th of November.

Trading Competition Conditions:

1 — Users will need to complete a Multi-Chain Swap using our token, or the token of participated projects.

The list of tokens taking part in our competition:




2 — Minimum Volume of Eligible Swaps is $5,000.

3 — Rubic and its Partnered projects will share a total reward pool of $6,000.

4 — The rewards pool is $6,000 and consists of:
BRBC — $5,000

NEKU — $500

RivrDoge — $500

4 — There will be 5 winners. The rewards distribution will be as follows:

1st place: $2,430

BRBC — $2,170

NEKO — $230

RivrDoge — $230

2nd place: $1,200

BRBC — $1,000

NEKO — $100

RivrDoge — $100

3rd place: $980
BRBC — $820

NEKO — $80

RivrDoge — $80

4th place: $700
BRBC — $600

NEKO — $50

RivrDoge — $50

5th place: $490
BRBC — $410

NEKO — $40

RivrDoge — $40

5 — The rewards will be sent to the winners a week after the end of the contest.

About Rubic and

Rubic is a Multi-Chain Swap Protocol which allows you to swap any of 9500+ tokens, on and between 8 blockchains in one click. Multi-Chain protocol includes on-chain & multi-chain swaps for Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Avalanche, Moonriver, Harmony, Tron & xDai, fiat on-ramps, and more!

The aim of the project is to deliver a complete One-Stop, Full Circle decentralized trading platform. is a place where users can complete Multi-Chain swaps using different solutions to get the best rates from all leading trading protocols.

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