Rubic Weekly Report

It’s time for another Weekly Update Report!


  1. Fantom Integration

We have finished our research regarding the development and integration of the Fantom network. We have now begun the process of integrating the Fantom network.

For the integration of Instant Trades and Cross-Chain Swaps on Fantom, we will provide you with the exact dates in future weekly updates.

2. Cross-chain Routing

The development process of our cross-chain routing feature is 65% complete. The smart contracts for our liquidity pools are approximately 85% complete. We are working on a technical paper that would describe the solution architecture as well as other technical aspects of our cross-chain routing.

3. Widget Update

The Rubic Relay Widget has been updated! The Rubic Relay Widget is now more scalable and has updated dark and light modes. We implemented a new UI for the widget and have created vertical and horizontal orientations for it as well.

There are some new layouts as well, and in the future will offer the ability for them to be changed.

4. Harmony Integration

The integration of the Harmony network is almost complete! We are about 95% of the way finished with the integration of Instant Swaps on the Harmony network.

The release date for this is planned for the middle of August. We still need to finish testing the network once it is fully integrated, but we should hopefully have it all completed by the end of next week.

5. Platform Improvements

Last week we were monitoring failed transactions, and noticed some things happening that required us to devote a considerable amount of our time to correct these errors and improve The development team made the platform more stable and diminished the amount of unsuccessful transactions. Thanks to these improvements and optimizations, the error and failure rates decreased substantially. We will continue to investigate any issues as they arise and will continue to update our UI/UX to better explain errors to our users to help prevent additional errors from occurring.


1. On Monday, we started Rubic’s Second Meme Contest! This time the platform for the contest is Reddit. The Rubic team is aiming for more growth of our Reddit community and to make it more active!

The contest will last until August 17th. The winners of the competition will be announced three days after it’s finished on August 20th.

Remember, you have a chance to win a share of $1,000 in BRBC tokens by participating in the contest! Be creative and earn your prizes!​​

2. This week, we had another project integrate our Rubic Relay Widget. Thanks to the Relay, users will be able to buy $SISTA or $SACT directly on srnArtGallery’s platform. The Rubic Relay Widget allows their users to trade both tokens without the need to leave their platform. Moreover, users do not have to try to find liquidity for srnArt tokens’ on other DEXs, as we do the work for you!

3. Rubic launched our Merch Shop last week. We are glad to announce that we already have numerous orders over the last week! It’s awesome that our community wants to be an inseparable part of Rubic and wear branded T-shirts and hoodies.

The Rubic team wanted to create stylish designs that our community would like, so let us know what you think. We hope that everyone who receives our comfortable merch wears it with pride and joy.

Rest assured, all of your orders are being worked on. Since we ordered some limited items, we’re waiting for the production process to complete. As soon as all the items are ready, we’ll ship your orders.

Check out the Rubic Merch Shop here:

4. We continue preparations for the next marketing campaign. For now, the Rubic team has created ad banners and is planning to run a new campaign next week.

We have already created several banner ads to run on Etherscan, BSCScan and CoinGecko. We are also working on updating all of our media materials.

We are also going to release new tutorials, as soon as the new UI of the platform is fully completed and all near-planned features are added. We appreciate your understanding as we continue development on this front.

Rubic will be the first project to have created and implemented the unique Cross-Chain Routing solution. That’s why our team wants to make this campaign big! Don’t forget to follow our news channels for all the most recent updates.

5. The Rubic team is preparing for an aesthetic update. The approximate date for its release is next week, and we hope that you like it! will be in dark mode by default, with an optional light mode as well. Work on the new UI is now approximately 90% finished. We are all looking forward to its launch!

6. Today’s Weekly Voice Chat with Collin O’Brien was dedicated to another interview! We were happy to have our second guest on the show. Collin conducted an interview with Daniel Kennedy, who represents Netvrk as their Chief Marketing Officer. The purpose of the interview was to inform and educate our communities about Netvrk’s activities and the types of further integrations we can expect between Rubic and Netvrk. Daniel Kennedy answered some questions from Collin, as well as taking questions from the audience, alongside Collin, in an AMA-style format.

You can listen to a recorded interview here:

7. This week, we participated in the next selection stage on the Accelerator. The results will be announced in 2 weeks, and we will definitely share it with you! During this stage we divulged detailed information about our development process. We hope we passed it successfully and make it to the next round of the Accelerator selection process.

Thank you for your continued and much-appreciated support!








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