Rubic Weekly Report 8/13/21

It’s time for another Weekly Update Report!


  1. Fantom Integration

The Fantom integration process continues. The progress is approximately 30% completed at this time. As we will need time to bug test everything as well, we will keep you updated on progress and release date every week.

2. Cross-chain Routing

While the development process of our cross-chain routing feature is 75% complete and the smart contracts for our liquidity pools are approximately 95% complete, we are preparing an article for our users about this new feature to better explain this new functionality.

This will include detailed development stages:


- Exchange of tokens on the source network

- Exchange of tokens on the target network

- Role System

- Multisig Functionality


- Checking the user’s token balances

- Checking the balance and the adequacy of the liquidity pools of the selected tokens

- Calculation of the token exchange rates on the source network to the token on the target network

- Checking the balance of RBC/BRBC pools

- Transaction on the source network


- Architecture of the Validator and the Relay

- The Validator captures the contract event

- The Relay makes a transaction in the target network

- Signing back

- Transaction history

3. Widget Update

The new and improved Rubic Relay Widget is getting real. The development is 40% finished. We estimate that on August 24th we will be able to present this updated widget. The widget will be more scalable and include expanded functionality. We have helped many projects integrate our Widget and we hope to continue and expand upon this adoption with this update.

4. Harmony Integration

The development of the Harmony consensus network integration is finished!

Currently, this integration is in a test mode. Right now, the Rubic dev team is fixing any errors and debugging previous code. Release Date: August 18th

5. Wallets Update

This week, the Rubic dev team was working on improving interaction with wallets on the platform. The work is 80% finished. We are adding Coinbase support and enhancing wallets’ general operation on The release date is planned for next week.


  1. We’ll start with a very important topic, and first off, we’d like to share details of our marketing plans with you.

Before we share, we would like to thank you for creating a flash mob and changing your name and profile picture on telegram with our website and logo. We appreciate your support and would like to start a campaign with a reward for those who will keep the name and logo. Next week we will send you more details.

Here are the details of our future marketing activities.

At the moment our goals are:

  1. Increase our daily users + 100%
  2. Increase our volume on ($2,000,000 monthly)
  3. Increase token attractiveness

As we have mentioned in Telegram chat, for some time we had slowed down some of our marketing activities. From mid-August onward, we will increase our activities. To support the marketing team we also have hired a new marketing agency, that has worked with projects such as Reef Finance, Polystarter, Vodra, DeFi11, Bluzelle, Portal Finance and many more.

Our Activities till the end of September will be divided in several parts:

  1. Regular activities:
  • Weekly Updates
  • Weekly Voice Chat with special guests
  • AMAs
  • Own social media promotion and development (continuing to grow: Twitter, Telegram, Discord, & Reddit.)
  • Video Tutorials on How to Use Rubic
  • 1–2 minute videos explaining Rubic and its features
  • SEO

2. Community driven activities:

  • Name and profile picture campaign for active members
  • Rubic NFTs
  • Social media campaign (for example likes and posts campaign on twitter)
  • Meme competition
  • Discord competition

3. Essential Campaigns:

I. Rubic Relay Integrations

The Relay has been getting used by a number of projects, and we see that 60% of our trading traffic is coming through the Relay. We will continue to partner with as many projects as possible. The goal for the end of September is 30+ new projects, almost one new project per day.

It will include:

  • Promotional campaign with offers of $350-$1500 RBC/BRBC reward for each site that has installed our widget. We will send you more details about this campaign next week.
  • Cross-marketing promotions with the projects that have installed our widget.
  • Trading competitions with partners who have installed our widget.

II. Harmony (more info in 3. below)

  • Trading competition with Harmony
  • Cross-marketing promotions

III. Cross-chain routing campaign

  • Preparation before the release
  • Release activities
  • Post release activities

And will include such things as:

  • Trading competition with various projects on Polygon
  • Media articles about cross-chain routing
  • Video tutorial on “How To Use Cross-Chain Routing”
  • Join Podcasts (example CryptoCurrent or any other with at least 20K subscribers)
  • Twitter influencer campaign about cross-chain routing (before and after release)
  • Youtube influencer (mid Tier-1) campaign using cross-chain routing (after the release)
  • Partnerships with Telegram groups / Telegram activities in different groups (15+ groups)
  • Reddit activities
  • Banner ads

IV. Trading and exchange activities

  • Trading activities on
  • QA day for the users with zero gas on
  • Take a decision regarding next step on the CEX listing based on the trading activities.

V. Fantom

  • Trading competition
  • Cross-marketing promotions

This is the current list of activities we have planned through the end of September. It will also be updated with new partnerships and activities as we advance through the coming weeks.​​

2. We are planning to hold an AMA with Vladimir and Alexandra next week. We would like all of you to join us on Tuesday, August 17th. And since we are holding this AMA, this week there will be no Rubic Weekly Chat with Collin O’Brien.

We know that you have questions regarding development and ESPECIALLY marketing, so we will try to answer all of them. Stay tuned and follow our social media accounts for future updates.

Here you can ask up to three questions. The form is open till Monday at 8 pm UTC:

3. A new trading campaign is coming! This time we are launching the trading competition together with one of our newest partners — the Harmony consensus network. The campaign will begin next week; the prize pool consists of $5,000 in ONE and $5,000 in RBC — $10,000 in total.

More details will be released soon.

Don’t miss your chance to participate in a new big contest and win some money!

4. Today, we were happy to present a new and improved website. We have been working on it for some time and wanted to make it just right.

If you haven’t seen it, please, check out the new UI here:

The updated page has both dark and light themes. Dark mode is the default mode, just like on’s updated UI.

Hopefully, you all enjoy the new appearance of the website. We strived to make it as stylish and convenient as our trading platform.

5. This week, we started to hold interviews with our users! We asked those of you who were really helpful with the latest Rubic Customer Questionnaire, the survey we conducted earlier, to participate in the interviews. By the end of the week one of Rubic’s marketing team members has already talked to three of our users.

During the interviews we are asking what users like about Rubic’s previous and future activity, its features and advantages. Rubic’s team also asked about the upcoming Cross-Chain Routing feature and all the expectations and perceptions from our community members.

We are glad to have such a splendid community and hope that we will continue this kind of interaction moving forward. Small focus groups can always help a company stay in tune with their users and help our devs put themselves in the shoes of our users.

6. The Meme Contest is on fire! Thank you all for your participation. You still have one week to share all your fun ideas with us!

We are happy to have such a creative community and hope you are enjoying this competition. The Rubic team is looking forward to more of your memes. You all make us laugh! :)

Thank you for your continued and much-appreciated support!








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