Rubic Weekly Report 12/30

It is December 30th, and the year is almost over. We have grown a lot, and we have achieved excellent results throughout 2021! Next year, we are going to achieve even more exciting goals.

First and foremost, our team would like to thank all of our supporters. 2021 was a year of many updates for our project. During the course of this year, we pivoted the direction of the project and implemented the totally unique and absolutely game-changing features that you have all come to use and enjoy. The year was spent trying out new features, creating marketing activities, and the constant overall development of the Rubic ecosystem.

We feel that we have found our own path in the crypto world, and we will continue to be trailblazers when it comes to DEXs, DeFi, and Multi-Chain functionality. The Rubic team has a plan for constant growth, and to change the DeFi world as we now know it. Our team will continue working on creating the best Multi-Chain experience for users, with the goal of mass adoption of our platform, and of reaching people across the DeFi landscape.

Secondly, from everyone on the Rubic team, we wish you an amazing year ahead.

Happy New Year!

**Due to national holidays in Russia, our team will be on a holiday break from December 31st until January 11th. We will continue with different marketing activities during the holiday. Our Technical Support Team will be online during the holidays, and will be helping our customers with 24/7 support inquiries. The next Weekly Update will be published on January 14th.**

Rubicans, may the New Year bring us all joy and the ability to achieve our goals!


1. Staking

Last Friday, we started the first round of Rubic Staking. During the launch, more than 270 users participated in staking. Currently, the pools are completely filled, and over the past 6 days the average APR was 80%. You can always find the average APR on

To share the rewards to the staking participants, we have completed the buybacks of BRBC tokens and sent them to the participants. Here you can find the links to the buybacks:
1st —
2nd —
3rd —
4th —
5th —
6th —
7th —

After the first week, all of our participants decided to continue their participation and did not withdraw any of their funds.

2. Harmony Integration into Multi-Chain Routing

Today, we are happy to announce that Rubic has successfully integrated the Harmony network into Rubic’s Multi-Chain Routing system. This will enable users to easily swap 10,500+ assets between the Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Moonriver, Fantom, Solana, and Harmony networks.

The Harmony network has more than 550,000 wallets connected to it, and the average amount of transactions on the blockchain is 5 million per day.

Read more here:

3. Rubic’s Smart Routing System for Multi-Chain Routing is Now Live!

Yet another important and incredible feature was released this week. The Rubic team has completed the development of Rubic’s Smart Routing feature for our unique Multi-Chain Routing system! With the integration of this feature, Rubic will choose the best provider for completing Multi-Chain Routing swaps.

During the first stages of Multi-Chain Routing, it was using only certain providers for Multi-Chain swaps. These providers were:
Ethereum — Uniswap v.2

BSC — PancakeSwap

Polygon — QuickSwap

Avalanche — Pangolin, Trader Joe

Moonriver — Solarbeam

Fantom — SpookySwap

Solana — Raydium

In the new update, our protocol now includes the implementation of this system to these networks:

Ethereum — Uniswap v.2; SushiSwap

BSC — PancakeSwap; SushiSwap

Polygon — QuickSwap; SushiSwap

Avalanche — Pangolin, Trader Joe, SushiSwap

Moonriver — Solarbeam, SushiSwap

Fantom — SpookySwap; SpiritSwap, SushiSwap

Harmony — SushiSwap; ViperSwap

Read more here:

4. ViperSwap Integration

Together with the integration of the Harmony network into our Multi-Chain Routing System, the Rubic team has also integrated ViperSwap as our second DEX on the Harmony network. This will allow users to complete On-Chain swaps with better rates and even more tradable tokens on the Harmony network.

ViperSwap currently has more than $300 million in volume over the last few months, with a Total Value Locked (TVL) of $40 million.

5. Rubic’s SDK (Software Development Kit)

This final Thursday of 2021 is full of announcements! Today, we have also finalized the creation of the SDK version of the Rubic trading protocol. After the successful launch of our Rubic Relay Widget, our Rubic SDK is the next step towards mass adoption of our ecosystem.

This SDK will enable crypto projects, and platforms of all kinds, to integrate the unique functions and features of the Rubic trading protocol, without being tied to a specific user interface. dApps, wallets, and other platforms now have the opportunity to utilize Rubic’s Multi-Chain interoperability without going into the details of working with various DEXs and blockchains. Any integration of our SDK will be completely free.

Don’t forget, if you are interested in our SDK or our Widget integration, please contact our business development team member Sven through Telegram: @goe1905

Read more here:

6. Algebra

This week, the Rubic Smart Routing Protocol integrated the Algebra DEX into its ecosystem. This means that now both Algebra and Rubic users are able to complete On-Chain swaps on Rubic with any token represented on Algebra, without any hassle.


  1. Algebra Farming

In order to celebrate the integration of the Algebra DEX, we set up a joint farming event!

Here is the most important information about the upcoming event — the following are the necessary conditions for participating, and the benefits you can receive:

Date: 01/06/22–01/20/22

Expected APR: 100%

Pair: $MATIC / $RBC

$8,000 worth of rewards in $ALGB / $RBC

Read more here:

2. This week, we once again were greeted by influencers from different social media accounts! Gem Insider and Gem Detector mentioned us in their tweets, comparing Rubic to Binance (of course, you know who is winning here) and recommended the Rubic protocol to their subscribers!

3. VoskCoin

And speaking about YouTube activity, this week we were mentioned by VoskCoin. He even used the protocol! You can watch his video here:

4. We are confident that 2022 will bring even more articles about Rubic! And one of the last articles of 2021 was published by CryptoNews, in which they shared with their readers info about our recent integration of the Solana network.

You may read the article here:

5. Different Telegram Channels continue their support for Rubic. We’d like to thank Best ICO Kerolos, Crypto Party and Wall Street Trader ICO Pool & NEWS for sharing info about our platform!

6. This week, our Marketing Team member Collin has fully recovered from his illness, so he is back and ready to host AMAs again!

After returning, Collin will do a big 2-hour show devoted to the past year. You have probably seen the scheduled Weekly Voice Chat in our Telegram or our tweet about it, but if you haven’t, make sure to join us on our official Telegram channel ( at 4PM UTC on Friday, December 31st. Collin will recap all the amazing things Rubic has accomplished over the course of 2021, along with talking about our plans for 2022, especially Q1. Collin will give a general overview of what Rubic wants to accomplish throughout 2022, to really highlight and contrast where Rubic was, where Rubic is now, and how 2022 is going to be an even more incredible year for the Rubic protocol, our users, and our token holders.

Thank you for your continued and much-appreciated support!








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Our Cross-Chain Swap Aggregator allows swaps between 15,000+ tokens on ETH, BSC, Polygon, AVAX, MOVR, FTM, SOL, ONE, ARB, NEAR, AUR,TELOS in 1 click;

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