Hello, Rubic community!

Here is our weekly update


1.We are happy to inform you that we have started the implementation of the Instant Trades feature for Binance Smart Chain. Now we are investigating ways of Binance Smart Chain Instant Trades functionality implementation and next week will start the development.

Preliminary release date is 25th December.

2.Cross-chain functionality is one of the most required one so we have started to investigate blockchain bridges (a blockchain bridge provides a connection that allows for the transfer of tokens or data between two different blockchain ecosystems) for all of the supported networks on the Rubic platform: Matic bridge, Panama Project and Trone Bridge. A comprehensive implementation of them will allow tokens to be traded between them regardless of their native blockchain and will make the trading process more flexible and convenient.

3.We have faced some issues with the 1inch platform. First, they have updated their API from version 1 to version 2, and they have changed endpoints logic so all clients that were using v1 were not compatible with API v2. Gas price endpoint that used to support the Instant Trades functionality was removed in version 2 so we have reconfigured it and started using a new endpoint and now it works properly.

Second, they had a little instability on Thursday connected with incorrect exchange rate calculations, and this significantly slowed down the speed of transaction processing on the Rubic platform.

Now all of the issues were fixed and you can use the Instant Trades feature without any problems https://rubic.exchange

4.RBC airdrop for all WISH holders is in progress, we made the first snapshot on the 15th of December and will start the tokens airdrop after 22th December. Please note that RBC tokens will be sent multiple times, so fill in the confirming transaction and wait for the RBC tokens. See the instructions here: https://cryptomywish.medium.com/how-to-participate-in-rbc-token-airdrop-for-wish-holders-f5c446898ffa


1.We are proud and thankful that we participated in the Matic Development Program and won one of the offered grants (1500 USDT). We will create a pool in our Telegram chat and Discord group and will wait for your answers to see where this grant is better to be spent from your opinion.

How to spend the grant?

  1. Buy-back
  2. Sponsored Articles
  3. Twitter influencers
  4. AMA on other groups

2.We are happy to inform you that we are hosting a Trybe competition with prizes. For this you will need to write an article of more than 300 words about Rubic with pictures/graphics, and share it on your social media, tagging Rubic account as well. More details here. The participants will have the chance to win up to 10,000 RBC! We’re looking forward to see you participate.

3.Our Fast Listing procedure has started and we have already listed some projects. We have been in touch with other projects as well. One of them is Rake Finance, which has mentioned us in their telegram groups. We will continue to explore and list other projects. More partnerships are coming soon! If you have a project that you also want to list on Rubic.exchange, please let us know and send the details at alexandra@rubic.finance.

4.We are searching for a suitable marketing agency, this week we have talked to 10 more agencies and continue to check their offers to find the one that will suit us the most. We will keep you updated regarding the process.

5.We actively continue to spread the news about our Fast Listing feature and to support this we’re in touch with some editors from different crypto media outlets. Once it is published we will share the link with the community.

6.We will start our Discord missions quite soon (the winners will be rewarded in $RBC), so please join our Discord group. We’re looking forward to see you there! https://discord.gg/jeUknbWHdg

Thank you for your precious support!

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