Rubic Weekly Report 12/10

Here is our weekly update!


  1. Staking

This week, we have completed the development of our Staking smart contracts. Rubic’s team has already started testing the contract, and they’re also currently working on an intuitive Staking interface, which will make the entire process very simple for all of our holders.
Next week, we’ll be able to share with you our new UI design for Rubic Staking.

Start date of our first round of Staking: December 23rd.

You can read more about our upcoming staking here:

2. Solana

Rubic’s team is completing the final steps of the Solana network integration into our Multi-Chain Protocol. We’ve started tests this week, and the integration is roughly 95% complete.

​​The blockchain operates on both a Proof of History (PoH) and Proof of Stake (PoS) model. PoS allows validators to verify transactions according to how many coins they hold, while PoH allows for those transactions to be time stamped and verified more quickly, as detailed in the Solana white paper.

​​Solana already has over 350 dApps running on their blockchain, and more than 43 million transactions. The most popular DEX on Solana is Raydium with a total of $1.63b liquidity locked.

Release date: The Solana blockchain integration will be completed during the coming week.

3. SDK

Our team is full steam ahead in the development of Rubic’s SDK version.

The main goal of the SDK is to be utilized as a provider of Multi-Chain Swaps for other platforms; including wallets, farming platforms, DEXs, and so on. For Rubic, this feature will enable the creation of a mobile app for during the coming year.

Its development is currently 50% complete.

4. Multi-Chain Decentralization

This week, we have added Multi-signature to Rubic’s Multi-Chain Routing Protocol, which will allow Rubic to increase the security of the protocol and its decentralization.

Our team’s goal is to provide a secure and fully decentralized solution for our customers; and the implementation of Multi-sig decentralization for our Multi-Chain Routing will be one more big step towards completing that goal.

You can read more about our decentralization here:

5. Team Updates

During this month, our development team has grown by 3 experienced developers!

Please welcome:

Alexandra Minina

Alexandra is a new part of our Backend team!

Roman Kolebaev

Roman is a new part of our Backend team!

Vlad Kutirin

Roman is a new part of our Frontend team!


  1. Our Fantom trading competition is still on-going. So is the opportunity to win a share of our $19,000 prize pool! Complete a Multi-Chain Swap that is worth $2,000 or more, using our token or the token of our participating projects, until December 14th, 14:00 UTC — and get a chance to win!

We’d like to remind you of our list of participating projects and their tokens:

  • Rubic (RBC, BRBC, wRBC)
  • Spookyswap (BOO)
  • Liquid Driver (LQDR)
  • SoulSwap (SOUL)
  • Plaza Finance (PLAZA)
  • Spartacus (SPA)
  • Hector (HEC)
  • Fanterra (FTERRA)

By the way, the most popular tokens are $HEC, $SPA and $BOO. Keep up the Multi-Chain trading, Rubicans!

2. This week, we received great media support from CoinGape! They published an article about Rubic’s ecosystem.

CoinGape also shared this article on their Twitter and Facebook accounts, and it’s really appreciated.

They also posted an article about Rubic on their TG channel. CoinGape left no chance to miss this article, and they did the right thing. Any article about Rubic is definitely worth reading!

3. This week Avalanche Space announced a great integration: Shibavax connected a Rubic Relay widget to their platform! Now, With the Rubic widget you can now swap any token for $SHIBX tokens in just one click.

Another integration of the Widget happened on Futura platform. With our widget, buying $FFT is extremely easy.

Nemesis project has also integrated a widget and posted a tweet about it!

4. Meet our new marketing team member — Mira! She is in charge of all communication with influencers. Mira is definitely going to make everyone talk about Rubic!

5. Three TG communities devoted to Crypto have spread the word about Rubic this week!

CRYPTOMALLU CLU₿️ CHANNEL described Rubic as one of the most convenient Multi-Chain Swap solutions, which supports trading over 10,000 tokens between 6 blockchains. Of course, they’re absolutely right!

Cryptominers News claimed that Rubic is the exchange of your dreams, and no doubt that it is.

Crypto Maxxis simply explained that you’ll never find a faster or easier way to transfer your assets between different blockchains, and they were right again.

Suffice to say, we’re indeed the coolest and most Cubic project out there.

Stay tuned for our next weekly update, with more of our latest news coming up next week!

Thank you for your continued and much-appreciated support!








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