Rubic Weekly Report 11/26

Here is our weekly update!


  1. Audit by CertiK

This week, we have completed the last changes that have been asked to be made by the CertiK team. Due to Thanksgiving, the report wasn’t finalized by their team and the results of the report and the final announcement will be posted by us and uploaded to by next week.

2. Rubic General Update

This Wednesday, Rubic released a Rubic General Update article, where we touched on some important steps in the future development of Rubic. All of these changes have been made in order to create the best Multi-Chain trading platform on the market and to provide the best services for our users. The Rubic team wrote an article in which we answer all the most popular questions about these updates.

The main points of the article:

  • Rubic Multi-Chain Swaps showed good results and we are going to develop in this direction further.
  • The next thing planned is the scaling of the Multi-Chain Protocol, which will include the increase of the limits for 1 swap, up to $20,000; switching of our pools to USDC; as well as the integration of new DEXs into our Multi-Chain smart contracts.

In this update, you also can find our thoughts on Staking, Liquidity Provision and other important topics. However, more detailed information about these features will be published in additional articles.

The Rubic team continues to develop the best solution for the users of our ecosystem. We believe that the Rubic community understands the importance of the aforementioned improvements and the opportunities afforded to the project by incorporating them!

3. Updates

This week, we updated the website. During the week, Rubic also fixed several issues on it. You can see updated page here:

4. Multi-Chain Protocol Updates

We are constantly improving our Multi-Chain services. The latest update includes: The new contracts will have several important updates.

First, the transaction will complete fewer steps before processing, which will allow us to decrease the transaction gas fees. The new Multi-Chain Routing contracts have recently been audited by CertiK.

Second, the updated Smart Contract will also have more DEXs integrated into it.

New DEXs which will also be used by our Multi-Chain Routing solution:

Ethereum: Uniswap v.3, SushiSwap

BSC: SushiSwap

Polygon: SushiSwap

Fantom: SpiritSwap

These integrations will have a significant impact on our users. New DEXs will allow Multi-Chain Routing to give the best rates on the tokens users want to buy. In the future, we are planning to add more DEXs and protocols into the Multi-Chain Routing system.

Release Date: December 10th.

5. USDC Pools

On November 23rd, Rubic announced that Multi-Chain Routing pools will be switched from RBC to USDC as a middle asset in routing.

In this article, we’ll provide the statistics which will help to understand why USDC pools will be better for the users of our protocol.

You can read it here:

6. Solana Integration

Rubic is well into the development of Solana integration into The integration is roughly 50% complete.

The blockchain operates on both a Proof of History (PoH) and Proof of Stake (PoS) model. PoS allows validators to verify transactions according to how many coins they hold, while PoH allows for those transactions to be time stamped and verified more quickly, as detailed in the Solana white paper.

​​Solana already has over 350 dApps running on their blockchain and more than 40 million transactions.

The integration is planned to be completed by the second week of December.

7. Harmony Integration

Our development team has started research regarding the integration of the Harmony network to Multi-Chain Routing protocol. After finalizing our research, we plan to start working on the integration of the Harmony protocol into the Rubic platform.


  1. Two video reviews were posted on YouTube this week by big Crypto influencers. UP NEXT CRYPTO visited Rubic and made sure that Rubic is the best solution for On-Chain and Multi-Chain Swaps! You may watch his video here: TRADE ALL YOUR CRYPTO IN ONE PLACE!! | RUBIC DOES IT ALL!!

Crypto Coins posted a detailed review about Rubic and did a great job of explaining how to use the platform and swap your assets in the easiest and fastest way. Watch the video here: Rubic and Harmony detailed review!

2. Have you heard about the Binance Bridge shutdown? No worries, Rubic has your back! reviewed Rubic’s revolutionary Multi-Chain feature and explained how to transfer assets between different networks when the most popular bridge stopped functioning. Read the article here.

Rubic was also mentioned as one of the best DeFi bridges on Captainaltcoin.

3. Cryptology posted a review about Rubic and explained the simplicity and many benefits of our ecosystem.

4. It has been another awesome week for our Rubic Relay Widget! Many integrations happened during this last week, and Rubic’s ecosystem is expanding! We’d like to thank all the projects that integrated the Widget. The list of this week’s integrations you may see below:

5. All trading competitions have ended this week, and we’d like to thank all the participants! The winners have already received their rewards. The Rubic team wishes the best of luck to all of you in future activities. Stay tuned for additional competitions!

Thank you for your continued and much-appreciated support!








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