Rubic Weekly Report 11/23/2023

6 min readNov 23, 2023

Hey Rubicans! Last weekend was fantastic — we broke our record in cross-chain transactions!
Now, we’re riding that energy into the new week, aiming for more success. Let’s check out what’s happening so far!


  1. 🔄 Full Switch to the Updated UI
  2. 🆕 New DEX and Cross-Chain Provider on Metis
  3. 🔄 DLN is Added to Rubic
  4. 🚀 325% APR
  5. 📈 All-Time High in Cross-Chain Transactions
  6. 🚢 Linea DeFi Voyage Swap Week
  7. 🌐 Manta Network Campaign


  1. New Design Update

We’ve been consistently enhancing our new UI in preparation for the full transition of the updated version to, the old UI will soon disappear from the main app. Currently, we’re diligently addressing bug fixes and incorporating your valuable recommendations for improvement.

The full switch next week will coincide with the release of cross-chain swaps for non-EVM networks through ChangeNOW on the new version of the app.

A big thank you for your ongoing support as we work towards elevating your experience with Rubic. Your feedback is crucial in making our platform even better!

2. Metis Providers Update

Exciting news for the upcoming week! We’re set to update the providers list for Metis Network, and we have plans to integrate Open Ocean as an on-chain provider and Stargate as a cross-chain provider.

This integration is designed to significantly improve rates for swaps to, from, and on the Metis Network. Stay tuned for these enhancements to make your swapping experience even better!

3. DLN Update

Great news! We’ve just incorporated DLN into Rubic’s Proxy Contracts, boosting transaction speed for a faster and more seamless experience.

Additionally, we are planning to roll out an update to the DLN provider, optimizing its functionality within the Rubic App for improved efficiency.

These enhancements are geared towards providing you with an even smoother and more efficient transaction process.

4. SwapToEarn and Fees Update

Based on the changes to our token price, we’ve recently updated our SwapToEarn rules!

We’ve also expanded the list of eligible networks to Scroll, Mantle, Base, zkSync, Linea, Polygon zkEVM, Aurora, & PulseChain.

Please note that due to the Linea Voyage Campaign from November 14th to the 28th and Manta Campaign from November 22nd to December 5th, fees on Linea & Manta will undergo a 50% reduction, along with corresponding adjustments to the SwapToEarn rewards. You’ll receive 25 RBC for your 1st cross-chain swap and 12 RBC for your 1st on-chain swap. However, for all subsequent swaps, we’re adjusting the rewards to 12 RBC for cross-chain & 6 RBC for on-chain swaps.

5. Extremely High APR

This week, RBC Staking is on fire with an impressive APR of a whopping 325%!

Take advantage of this high rate to boost your gains & get RBC on the Arbitrum network. Consider joining the staking program for either a 3-month or 6-month period!

Don’t miss out on this huge opportunity!


  1. ATH In Transactions

We hit a groundbreaking milestone! With a staggering 12,170 cross-chain transactions last Sunday, we shattered previous records.

Our amazing community went above and beyond, achieving an impressive total of 13,476 transactions.

Heartfelt thanks to our community! 🟩

2. 200,000 Followers on Twitter

We’re thrilled to announce a significant achievement in the journey of Rubic — our community has grown to an impressive 200,000 followers on Twitter!

This achievement is not just a number; it’s a reflection of the trust and interest the crypto community has in Rubic. By enabling seamless cross-chain transactions and constantly expanding our services, Rubic is breaking down barriers and making the crypto experience more accessible and user-friendly.

Thank You to Our Amazing Community!

3. 200,000 Users On Rubic

Moreover, we achieved another milestone — 200,000+ users on Rubic App! Our team is proud to deliver an ultimate cross-chain solution to you. And we are not going to stop in our further development!

4. Linea DeFi Voyage

Join the next wave of the Linea DeFi Voyage, which lasts until November 28th.

Make On-Chain swaps on Rubic and get up to 100% of the fees back in RBC!

Participate in the Intract Campaign, explore dApps, complete tasks, and enrich Linea’s ecosystem.

Learn more:

Voyage Bonus Tasks for the Swap Week with Rubic:

- Use Rubic to swap any token of your choice (min. $25)

- More than 20 swaps in total for the week (min. $5)

- Swap more than $3,000 in total

- Swap at least $25 of ETH into $wstETH

Save 50% on fees with swaps to Linea and earn RBC with Rubic’s SwapToEarn:

- 25 $RBC for your first cross-chain swap

- 12 $RBC for your first on-chain swap

For all subsequent swaps:

- 12 $RBC for cross-chain swaps

- 6 $RBC for on-chain swaps

5. Campaign on Manta Network

Rubicans, onboard! The Manta Network Treasure Cruise is now live, powered by Galxe!

Claim points and collect NFTs in the MantaFest series, and boost your on-chain activity throughout your journey to win special prizes!

Join the campaign, lasting until December 5th:

Partake in the 2-week journey, during which you will need to complete:

- Cross-Chain swaps to Manta on Rubic via Symbiosis

- Complete On-Chain swaps on Rubic using iZUMi Finance or OpenOcean!

Learn more about the DeFi week tasks here:

Save 50% on fees with swaps to Manta and earn RBC with Rubic’s SwapToEarn:

- 25 $RBC for your first cross-chain swap

- 12 $RBC for your first on-chain swap

For all subsequent swaps:

- 12 $RBC for cross-chain swaps

- 6 $RBC for on-chain swaps

Have a nice journey!

6. Optimism Red Wars Campaign

Starting November 29th, join the Optimism Red Wars Campaign with a 30,000 OP Token Reward Pool!

Optimism Red Wars is a competition between DeFi protocols where users would use Clique’s identity infrastructure to push off-chain & DeFi attestations.

The token distribution system will be explained on the project website and through the Leaderboard.

Also, if you swap to & from Optimism via Rubic, you can get a fee refund by DLN:

  • Receive 100% of the fee amount in OP for swaps TO Optimism.
  • Get 50% of the overall onboarding fee refund in OP tokens for swaps FROM Optimism.

The fee rebate will be automatically distributed every two weeks to all eligible wallets. If you qualify, the rebate will be sent directly to your Optimism wallet that either initiated or received the trade, making the process easy and seamless.

Learn more:

7. The Arthera Lifetime Zero Fees Subscription

Say goodbye to gas fees with Arthera’s exclusive NFT! Mint your key to endless, gas-free transactions across Arthera Chain on Rubic and other dApps.

Unlock daily ‘gas credits’ for up to 30 transfers.

Your journey towards seamless swapping starts here:




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