Rubic Weekly Report 11/13

Hello, Rubic community! Here is our weekly update


  1. Instant trades functionality is at the final QA. Active working on UI: more than 20 designs were created, focus group testing is in the process. We plan to release it this month.

3. Cross-chain: We continue the Polkadot investigation and its integration with Rubic. Meanwhile, we had several calls with another project Qredo — which could help with the cross-chain solution. They are interested in a partnership.

4. Minor updates and bug fixes have been carried out. Those updates did not touch the majority of our users. Users who contacted us for the support have received it.

5. Integration of the MyWish platform with Rubic is in progress, so users can create a token on Binance Smart Chain and trade it immediately on Rubic. The integration will be ready at the end of November. We have faced some latency issues connected with contract deployment and now we are investigating ways to make the process of integration fast and convenient.

6. We have updated tokens selector in the platform to make it easier to select custom tokens and search tokens


2. We continue to prepare our marketing campaign for the instant trade launch. As we mentioned earlier it will include advertising, bonuses for users, media publishing, and working on cross-promo with other blockchains.

3. Next week we will have an announcement in the MyWish community regarding our integration.

4. By developing the Rubic brand, we are expanding our target audience to people who speak Russian and Chinese. We are building the platform for each user to be able to trade in a language they understand.

5. Please join our official Discord —

Thank you community for your support!





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