Rubic Weekly Report 11/11/2022

  1. Kava Integration
  • Kava’s TVL is over $232.9M
  • Market Cap is currently around $320M
  • Average 24h Trading Volume is $11.4M
  • Kava’s ecosystem unites more than 60 various projects including Curve, and Kraken
  • Kava has 3 native dApps: Kava Mint, Kava Lend, Kava Swap
  1. Obviously, the RBC <> BRBC bridge needs to maintain the ratio at 1:1
  2. Trading bots, who bought Rubic when prices were extremely low, and who can potentially dump the token in the future
  3. 35M RBC tokens, which are now unlocked on ETH
  1. Additional Liquidity
  2. More partners & VC funds for our development
  3. Extra rewards for our loyal holders & stakers



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Rubic: A 'one-click' #CrossChain Service + tools to enable it for #dApps. Trade over 15,500+ #tokens across 26 #networks, through the aggregation of 60+ #DEXs!