Rubic Weekly Report 11/09/2023

6 min readNov 9, 2023

Dear Rubic Community! This week is packed with exciting events and updates. Let’s take a closer look at what our dedicated team has accomplished and what we have in store for the near future!


  1. 🛠️ New UI Updates
  2. 🌐 New Cross-Chain Providers on Scroll and Optimism
  3. 🔌 Manta To Be Available Via Cross-Chain
  4. 🎉 October Stats: Layer 2 Level Up
  5. 🪙 Linea DeFi Voyage and Polygon zkEVM Promotions Coming Soon


  1. Design Update Bugs Fixed

You can already experience our cutting-edge UI by visiting In just two weeks, we will fully transition to this new version, and the previous one will be accessible at

Additionally, we are actively working on expanding the full functionality of our new App and completing the integration of swaps with non-EVM networks.

Your feedback is invaluable to us, so don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with our Support Team at @RubicSupportBot.

In the meantime, let’s take another tour of our sleek new UI:

🎨 Our new UI isn’t just about style; it’s packed with exciting features! Let’s dive in. First, we’ve revamped the color palette and the swap window, giving you a sleek and dynamic trading experience.

Say goodbye to confusion — it’s now easier than ever to browse through the provider list. You can see all your choices right next to the swap form. No more guessing — it’s all at your fingertips!

The side window shows crucial info: your swap time and gas fees. Making the best routing choice has never been simpler. Trade smarter with Rubic!

But that’s not all!

We’ve supercharged the transaction history feature. You can now access an extended list of previous transactions for a comprehensive overview.

What’s more, our on-chain transaction list is now readily available! Stay in the know with Rubic. 🔍

Our user flow is designed for your convenience. Preview swaps & delve into detailed transaction conditions. We’ve put the power in your hands, making cross-chain trading a breeze.

2. XY Finance — New Cross-Chain Provider on Scroll

Our Development team has successfully integrated XY Finance as a Cross-Chain Provider on Scroll Mainnet. This means you now have the option to select from multiple providers, enhancing the efficiency of cross-chain routing. Your choices are expanding, offering even more flexibility for your cross-chain needs!

3. DLN — New Cross-Chain Provider on Optimism

This week, we are planning to add DLN (formerly known as deBridge) into the Optimism network as a robust cross-chain provider. This update will offer our users diverse routing options, enhancing their overall experience in the world of cross-chain transactions.

4. Manta To Be Available Via Cross-Chain

We have some exciting developments in the pipeline! In the near future, we’ll finalize the integration of Symbiosis as a provider for the Manta Pacific network. Additionally, we’re expanding our offerings by including OpenOcean as a DEX for on-chain swaps. Furthermore, we’ll be introducing Rubic’s contract to the Manta network, further enhancing our cross-chain capabilities and providing even more options for our users. Stay tuned for these exciting updates!


  1. October Stats

With our Birthday promo in October, L2 transactions became 80% of total activity! zkSync Era had 30% of originating transactions, with Arbitrum being the #1 destination. Base & Linea had 10%. Compared to September, transactions increased by 131%; our monthly user base by 41%.

2. Polygon zkEVM Saga

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ll be participating in the Polygon zkEVM Saga Campaign starting from November 16th. Join us in this special ecosystem event to acquire unique NFTs and dive into the world of cross-chain solutions with Rubic. This is an excellent opportunity to explore the possibilities and benefits of the Rubic App within the Polygon zkEVM ecosystem.

Don’t miss out on this exciting adventure!

3. Linea DeFi Voyage

Starting November 14th, Rubic joins Linea DeFi Voyage Campaign! 🚀

Linea’s DeFi Voyage offers an immersive, educational experience for both newcomers and experienced investors in the world of Web3 and DeFi. Linea is partnering with Intract and MetaMask Learn for a six-week journey, exploring all facets of DeFi. Don’t miss out!

4. October Rubic Ecosystem Update!

This month’s integration milestones:

Update on Cross-Chain Enhancements:

Expanding Cross-Chain Tools:

We’ve onboarded two projects this month:

  • SolareumChain is now cross-chain ready with Rubic’s suite.
  • ZapEx has embraced cross-chain capabilities for greater user versatility.


Don’t miss out on MantleStars!

This live event offers our community some unique and very exciting prospects.

As we evolve, Rubic’s ecosystem is constantly enhancing the way cross-chain transactions are performed and finding the best routes for swaps. Stay tuned for more!

5. Mantle Journey Promotion

🗓️ Don’t miss out on the Mantle Stars promotion! By completing the to-do list, you have a chance to receive an airdrop from Mantle!

One of the tasks includes bridging from Mantle to zkSync using Rubic’s seamless cross-chain capabilities.

It’s a great opportunity to explore the benefits of our updated App while earning rewards through this exciting journey with Mantle!

6. Scroll Campaign Results

Two campaigns on Scroll have come to a successful conclusion this week.

Since October 25th, we’ve teamed up with TaskOn & Galxe for some awesome quests.

Don’t miss out on extra rewards — claim your On-Chain Hunter role on our Guild page now:

7. New Widget & SDK Integrations

The Revswap team is not just creating another multi-chain decentralized exchange; they’re setting new standards in crypto trading. Whether on Ethereum or beyond, their platform ensures seamless, cost-effective, and empowering trading experiences thanks to Rubic’s SDK!

Decision is an innovative card game that merges NFTs, Battle for Crypto, Staking, Mining, DeFi, & GameFi. Now, users can buy $AMBER easily with the Rubic widget directly on




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