Rubic Weekly Report 11/02/2023

5 min readNov 2


New month, new milestones! As the market continues to soar, Rubic shines brighter than ever. We’re thrilled to announce an upcoming UI update, exciting new partnerships, and seamless integrations on the horizon.

Join us as we delve into our ambitious plans and recent achievements!


  1. 🚀 Big UI Update
  2. 🔗 Meter Network’s Upcoming Integration
  3. 🌐 DLN — New Cross-Chain Provider On Optimism
  4. 📈 Rubic in DeFi Projects With the Highest 30D User Growth
  5. 📊$500M Trading Volume Milestone
  6. 📜 Scroll Mainnet Promotions on Galxe and TaskON
  7. ✨ Mantle Stars
  8. 🤝 XOX Labs DeFi Alliance Finale


  1. Large Design Update for Rubic’s App

🌟 New Design Will Be Available Today!

Experience our fresh, modern UI today! Try it now and explore the future of cross-chain trading.

Don’t miss out! 👉

🎨 Our new UI isn’t just about style; it’s packed with exciting features! Let’s dive in. First, we’ve revamped the color palette and the swap window, giving you a sleek and dynamic trading experience.

Say goodbye to confusion — it’s now easier than ever to browse through the provider list. You can see all your choices right next to the swap form. No more guessing — it’s all at your fingertips!

The additional window comes loaded with crucial info: estimate your swap time and gas fees. Making the best routing choice has never been simpler. Trade smarter with Rubic!

But that’s not all!

We’ve supercharged the transaction history feature. You can now access an extended list of previous transactions for a comprehensive overview.

What’s more, our on-chain transaction list is now readily available! Stay in the know with Rubic. 🔍

Our user flow is designed for your convenience. Preview swaps & delve into detailed transaction conditions. We’ve put the power in your hands, making cross-chain trading a breeze.

The full switch to our new UI is in 2 weeks. The old version will move to

2. Meter Network’s Upcoming Integration

We’re very excited to announce that next month, Rubic will be integrating the Meter blockchain!

This includes adding iZUMi Finance for streamlined on-chain swaps in the Meter ecosystem and utilizing the Meter Passport Bridge to empower users with cost-efficient crosschain transactions. 🟩

Meter operates as an EVM-based PoS/PoW blockchain, effectively mitigating frontrunning issues. The platform boasts a remarkable Total Value Locked exceeding $5 million, with an impressive track record of over 17 million successfully executed transactions on the Meter network.

ETA: End of November

3. DLN — New Cross-Chain Provider on Optimism

This week, we are planning to add DLN (formerly known as deBridge) into the Optimism network as a robust cross-chain provider. This update will offer our users diverse routing options, enhancing their overall experience in the world of cross-chain transactions.


  1. $500M Trading Volume Milestone

We’ve surpassed the $500M trading volume milestone on!

Huge thanks to our amazing community and users for your unwavering trust and support. Together, we’re forging the future of #DeFi. Stay tuned for more!

Check out our progress:

2. DeFi Projects With the Highest 30-Day User Growth

Rubic is thrilled to be part of the DeFi projects with the highest 30-Day user growth. Over the last 30 days, our community has witnessed incredible growth: +735% on Base, +31% on zkSync Era, and +10.5% on Optimism ⬇️

3. Rubic’s Bday Campaign Reward Distribution

🥳 Rewards for our Bday campaign have been successfully distributed to your SwapToEarn accounts!

You have 2 weeks to request your #RBC rewards withdrawal and secure your spot in the next claim round.

Learn more about how to claim:

4. RBC Staking

Don’t forget to stake your RBC tokens and safeguard your profits. Rubic’s staking opportunity is not something you’ll want to miss out on! 🌟📈 Choose between a 3 or 6-month period and start earning passive income.

5. Scroll Mainnet Promotions on Galxe and TaskON

🥳 Rubic has entered the Scroll Mainnet Alliance Week!

Join one of the first DeFi campaigns at Scroll network with Rubic.

🚀 Get your hands on 1 of the 20,000 limited Rubic CAPs and share the Mega Prize Pool. 🎁


Additionally, join the Rubic x Scroll campaign, fueled by Galxe!

Starting Oct 25th, explore Cross-Chain with Symbiosis & Squid, and execute On-Chain swaps to Scroll Mainnet through SyncSwap. Snag Galxe NFTs & special Rubic Discord roles!

Join on Galxe:

6. Mantle Stars

🗓️ Join the MantleStars Project Showcase & Giveaway from Oct 16th to Nov 17th.

🎁 Engage with our tasks & secure an exclusive #NFT, unlocking the On-Chain Hunter role in our Discord community.

🌟 Partnering with ETH Daily!

🔥 Dive in:

Read a full guide:

7. XOX Labs DeFi Alliance

The Defi Alliance #2 has successfully concluded, and 120 lucky winners have already shared a total prize pool of $7,000! 🎉

With a whopping 4,600+ questers participating, this event was a remarkable success! Rubic is proud to be a part of this vibrant DeFi ecosystem and contributing to its development.




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