Rubic Weekly Report 10/30


  1. There is great progress in multichain support. The integration of the Matic blockchain is fully completed and supported entirely.

2. We are coming to the Korean market and we are happy to inform you that Korean localization is fully completed. Also next week we will create a poll where you can select the most required language that will be supported.

3. Wallet Connect is under implementation the same as the Metamask mobile wallet. And we plan to complete them both in November.

4. We are currently starting refactoring of the front end part of our site. It will make site operation more convenient and faster.

5. We are preparing a new roadmap as promised earlier. Now we are investigating the following options: Polkadot integration that would allow us to support multichain solutions, instant trades support and updating Rubic as a bridge platform. It will take us about 2 weeks to explicitly analyze all these options and then we will come back with the updated roadmap.


  1. On October 28 the RBC token was listed on the Korean exchange Probit.

You can start trading there

2. Launched a marketing campaign for the Korean audience.

Had an AMA and worked with Korean groups and influencers

3. Gain support from Matic Network.

We have published an article on complete integration and finished joint product service.

You can read more here:
Matic integration into Rubic is completed | by Rubic | Oct 2020 | Medium

The announcement was shared on our and their channels and even in the ico drops official telegram channel.

4. Without changing the tradition of consulting with the community and making important decisions for the project. Once again, we thank you for participating in the poll, which only confirmed our intentions about Polkadot. As for Fantom, we will consider this option thanks to the voting fans.

5. This week we also received several media publications regarding our integration with Binance Smart Chain.

You can find and read them in the links below:

Thank you community for your support!







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