Rubic Weekly Report 10/26/2023

5 min readOct 26


🥳 Rubicans! 🎉 The grand finale of our Bday celebration is here, and the numbers are in! Thanks to your incredible support, we’ve achieved some astonishing statistics. Rewards are on the way, but first, let’s revel in our accomplishments! 🚀🌐


  1. 🔄 Scroll Mainnet Integration
  2. 🆕 Upcoming UI/UX Update
  3. 🎂 Rubic’s 3rd Anniversary Final Statistics! 🎉
  4. 📊 dApp Radar UAW List
  5. 🚀 Scroll Mainnet Promotions on Galxe and TaskON
  6. 🔝 Top 10 DEXs on Arbitrum
  7. 💰 Retrodrop Part 3


  1. Scroll Mainnet Integration

The mainnet of Scroll is now live on Rubic! 🟩

Experience efficient swapping to and from Scroll through Symbiosis and Squid, ensuring optimal paths for your cross-chain transactions. Don’t miss direct on-chain trades with SyncSwap!

Leveraging Layer 2, Scroll empowers Ethereum by integrating zero-knowledge technology, maintaining full EVM compatibility.

Sharing a unified vision, the Rubic team pledges to advance scalable, secure, and well-built systems.

With Scroll’s official launch on October 17th, it has already processed over 740K transactions and currently holds the 35th position among EVM networks in terms of TVL on DeFiLlama.

2. Upcoming UI/UX Update

We continue to work on the new design, addressing bugs, developing a mobile version, introducing a trade history feature, and adding missing functionalities.

We plan to roll out the new design on the new app in mid-November.

Dive into our New UI Testing Period! 🔥

Hop onto our Discord, snag a unique role, and partake in our UI Beta test.




Here’s a sneak peek of the updated UI. We value your feedback! 🟩

Stay tuned for the exciting changes!

3. Meter Network’s Upcoming Integration

We’re very excited to announce that next month, Rubic will be integrating the Meter blockchain!

This includes adding iZUMi Finance for streamlined on-chain swaps in the Meter ecosystem and utilizing the Meter Passport Bridge to empower users with cost-efficient crosschain transactions. 🟩

4. Retrodrop Part 3

Retrodrop holders! Part 3 of your rewards on Arbitrum is now available. Claim your $RBC and let it work for you by staking it for 3 months. Remember, holding the token is key to unlocking full rewards.

Check it out:

Learn more:


  1. Rubic’s 3rd Anniversary Final Statistics! 🎂 🎉

We’d like to give a huge thank you to all of the 16K participants in our birthday promotion, we’re super happy with how it turned out and will be sharing the winners/results by the end of the week!

Meanwhile, take a look at our impressive growth during the campaign:

🟩 Total Txns: +124%

💚 Total Unique Users: +75%

💚 On-Chain Txns: +82%

🟩 Cross-Chain Txns: +224%

In the last month, Rubic achieved outstanding results, marking a period of significant growth and engagement. The Rubic App attracted an impressive 45,000+ visitors, signifying a strong and growing interest.

Rubic’s campaign garnered the attention of 13,420 unique addresses, all actively participating in various transactions. A total of 65,591 transactions with 37,521 on-chain and 28,070 cross-chain swaps. This dynamic activity resulted in an impressive trading volume of 29 million.

Stakers who participated during the campaign were rewarded, with an average APR exceeding 150%!

2. Dapp Radar UAW List

We’ve reached the 30th spot among top DeFi Apps on DappRadar’s prestigious list, with almost 25K unique active wallets in 30 days. 🟩

Among 3,000 contenders, we soared into the top 1%! A big success made possible by our amazing community. Thank you for powering our journey! 💚

3. Scroll Mainnet Promotions on Galxe and TaskON

🥳 Rubic is joining the Scroll Mainnet Alliance Week!

Join one of the first DeFi campaigns at Scroll network with Rubic.

🚀 Get your hands on 1 of the 20,000 limited Rubic CAPs and share the Mega Prize Pool. 🎁


Additionally, join the Rubic x Scroll campaign, fueled by Galxe!

Starting Oct 25th, explore Cross-Chain with Symbiosis & Squid, and execute On-Chain swaps to Scroll Mainnet through SyncSwap. Snag Galxe NFTs & special Rubic Discord roles!

Join on Galxe:

4. Mantle Stars

The MantleStars Project Showcase & Giveaway has launched!

🗓️ Join us from Oct 16th to Nov 17th.

🎁 Engage with our tasks & secure an exclusive #NFT, unlocking the On-Chain Hunter role in our Discord community.

🌟 Partnering with ETH Daily!

🔥 Dive in:

5. XOX Labs DeFi Alliance

We’re participating in a contest where you can win a share of $7,000 by following a number of activities found below, so check it out and join up!

There will be special quests from us every week! This week, just join Rubic on Telegram and get 10 XP!

Explore the Campaign:

Stay tuned for more. 🟩

6. Top 10 DEXs on Arbitrum

Rubic proudly took the 4th place in the top 10 DEXs on Arbitrum by Tyrano Analytics.




Rubic aggregates 70+ blockchains & testnets, and enables swaps of 15,500+ assets with the best rates, highest liquidity, & transaction speeds — in one click!