Rubic Weekly Report 10/23


  1. We continue our road to the Multichain platform. Now the integration of the Matic blockchain is completed (ahead of the schedule). The first trades were executed successfully.


  1. This week we asked our community which features you are looking for and thanks to everyone for participating.
  • Instant Trade — When you create trade and our service shows you a suggested rate. If you choose the rate we show you, this trade will automatically proceed and you receive the agreed amount instantly.
  • Limit Orders — When you want to sell for a specific price and you state the rate. Our service will check different DEXs for the price you have stated and if it matches we will buy/sell.
  • Other blockchain integration — At the moment we already have Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Matic and we will integrate more.
  • Crowdsale — Give the ability to projects to raise funds and automatically lock it on uniswap.
  • Anonymizer — Anonymous uniswap: nobody will see what pair you are trading.

October 28 at 11 GMT+3

Thank YOU for the ongoing support!




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