Rubic Weekly Report 10/22

Here is our weekly update!

  1. Avalanche Integration

This Tuesday, we completed an important milestone for our Multi-Chain Routing feature. Avalanche has become the 4th network which we have fully connected to our Multi-Chain Protocol!

You can read more about our integration here:

Here you also can find the tutorial on how to complete Multi-Chain Swap to Avalanche using

This Friday, specifically for the Avalanche network, we have also added a second DEX with the intention of increasing cross-chain swap liquidity — Trader Joe. This will enable users to swap even more tokens with our Multi-Chain Routing.

2. Moonriver Progress Update

The Rubic development team is full steam ahead with the integration of Moonriver to and adding it into our Multi-Chain Routing ecosystem. We are happy to announce that we will release both DEX integrations and our Multi-Chain Routing integration on the same day!

The integration of the Moonriver network into our Multi-Chain Protocol ecosystem is approximately 60% complete at this time.

Release Date: November 8th

3. Fantom Progress Update

Our developers continue to work on the integration of the Fantom network into
Currently, the integration of the Fantom network into our Multi-Chain Protocol ecosystem is approximately 40% complete at this time.

Our team will continue to share more details about this integration in further weekly updates.


  1. Do you know what altcoins are popular now? CryptoManRan knows for sure! And $RBC is among them. Yesterday, he held a livestream, during which he was reviewing the most successful altcoins in Q4. CryptoManRan pointed out our Market Cap and Rubic’s Multi-Chain solution amazed him! We’d like to thank him for paying attention to our project and including $RBC in his charting.

CryptoManRan also included Rubic in his video devoted to this week’s massive gains of altcoins.

You may watch the videos here: THESE ALTCOINS WILL MAKE YOU RICH IN Q4!!


He also mentioned Rubic in his Twitter account:

2. The GAS Refund Campaign is getting bigger! This campaign received huge coverage from our partners. We’d like to thank Frost.Fi, Trader Joe, Good Bridging Token, Cycle and Swift Finance for their active support!

Do not forget to participate and receive your GAS fee refund by taking part in this campaign.

3. Luckily, Twitter support does not end there! More Twitter accounts devoted to Crypto news shared tweets about Rubic. Avalanche Space announced our partnership with a project from Avalanche Ecosystem — NFT-based gaming platform Frost-Fi.

Avalanche Space also mentioned Rubic in its Daily Digest.

5. This week, BullWallet announced $RBC on their Twitter account. BullWallet is a cryptocurrency wallet and now it became better with $RBC support now!

6. New Rubic Relay Widget Integrations! This time, the BabyCake platform integrated our Widget. This partnership will allow users to buy $BabyCake directly on their website.

We would also like to thank their project for the tweet they made to announce our partnership.

7. Rubic was mentioned in a CryptoDaily compilation as one of the greatest Cross-Chain projects worth watching in 2021.

Though there were others projects mentioned that offer cross-chain solutions, we believe that Rubic outshines all of them by a significant margin. No one can compete with Rubic with the simplicity and speed of our Multi-Chain Swaps!

You may read the full article here:

8. NewsBTC is another media outlet that posted an article about Rubic. The article reviewed the simplicity of our Multi-Chain swaps on and announced the Avalanche integration into our platform.

The main topic of the article is about DeFi trading and its complexity. By examining Rubic’s Multi-Chain solution, the author came up with the conclusion that DeFi trading is not complicated at all. You just need to use Rubic!

NewsBTC has also posted a tweet to make sure that no one missed the article!

9. Not only have Twitter and YouTube influencers supported Rubic this week, but Telegram as well! Two massive Telegram groups dedicated to Crypto mentioned Rubic. Crypto Land has more than 117,000 subscribers and more than 111,000 people are subscribed to Gimme The Coin.

10. This week, Collin participated in a video interview with Coindor. They had him on to talk about all things Rubic, his involvement in the company and his opinion on different aspects of the industry. It was a wonderful interview and you can check it out here: Rubic Interview | Marketing Manager: Collin O’Brien

11. Collin also participated in a text Telegram AMA this week with the Telegram group “Investors of Crypto”. Collin answered dozens of questions from their community regarding the development of the Rubic project, the tokenomics of RBC, the future goals of Rubic and what to expect from Rubic through the end of 2021. Check out their channel here to go read a recap of the AMA:

12. To close out a wondrous week for Rubic, Collin hosted one of the Co-Founders of Trader Joe, Murloc, on our Weekly Voice Chat podcast. Collin covered our Weekly Update Report and then continued on with interviewing Murloc, while taking questions from our community, regarding both Rubic and Trader Joe projects. Make sure to give it a listen, you’ll find it pinned in our official Telegram channel.
Later today, we’ll upload it to Anchor as well and we’ll update our Weekly Update to include the link to Anchor.

13. More good news for the end of the week is that Rubic led Coingecko’s “Top Chart”. The RBC token was first on the Trending Search. Awesome results for the Rubic team!

14. Today, we published a video tutorial for Multi-Chain Swaps on Avalanche. Using Rubic is easy, but we are trying to make it available for any user, regardless of their level of trading experience. Our video tutorials are designed to simplify the use of the Rubic trading platform. We have made it with great love for our community and our future users!
You can watch the tutorial here:

15. This week, the Rubic team was working on updating our OnePager. Today, we are ready to present to our community a new version. Our One Pager includes key points about Rubic. Do not hesitate to read it all the way through, it won’t take you long! You can read it on

16. “ X Rubic Trading Competition” started today! It will last till October, 29th @ 08:00 UTC. Total reward pool is $26,000 RBC for users who trade RBC. It’s a great opportunity to win up to $1,500 RBC in various giveaways! Go check it out on!

This Trading Competition includes five different activities to win the rewards. Read the document for more detailed information:

16. Let us finish our Weekly Report on great news from Rubic’s Twitter. We reached 10,000 subscribers! This week was tough for us due to Avalanche integration and huge marketing activity, but we enjoy the result completely! We are glad to have such an awesome community that is growing day by day.

Thank you for your continued and much-appreciated support!








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Our Multi-Chain Protocol allows swaps between 15,000+ tokens on ETH, BSC, Polygon, AVAX, MOVR, FTM, SOL, ONE, ARB, NEAR & Aurora in 1 click; featuring 60+ DEXs!

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Our Multi-Chain Protocol allows swaps between 15,000+ tokens on ETH, BSC, Polygon, AVAX, MOVR, FTM, SOL, ONE, ARB, NEAR & Aurora in 1 click; featuring 60+ DEXs!

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