Rubic Weekly Report 10/16

Hello, everyone! This is what we managed to do this week.


  1. Our server infrastructure was improved to prevent any hackers attack. Cloudflare was set up and many other practices were introduced.
  2. WalletConnect implementation started, to give the trading ability to mobile users.

3. Instant trades architecture development completed. The decomposition of tasks started.

4. Matic integration is on-going. 70% completed.


  1. We conducted an AMA in the TipRoom community as it is possible to see in telegram chat and also to read in a text format on our resource Medium where all questions and answers are collected.

2. Finally, we had a call and held negotiations with Binance regarding the implementation of Binance Smart Chain integration into the Rubic platform and our marketing activities. Also, we will apply for their grant.

3. Preparing announcements about the upcoming listing on centralized exchanges.

The first in line is the Korean exchange Probit

Probit is a global crypto exchange, which is among the top 20 exchanges in real trading volumes. The exchange has successfully conducted more than 200 rounds of IEO and today offers more than 500 trading pairs.

The listing data is the 28th of October, next week we will start marketing activities for the Korean market. The trading pair will be RBC/USDT.

Someone who speaks Korean and wants to help — feel free to contact us —

4. We continue to reach out for more listing resources, also CoinGecko for adding us as a DEX will keep you updated.

5. Our main task is to simplify the difficult. So we record video tips for you on how to use the Rubic platform. Two video tutorials have been released this week and we invite you to watch them.

We would like to thank the community for the ongoing support!




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