Rubic Weekly Report 10/15

Here is our weekly update!


This Tuesday, we successfully integrated our second DEX on the Avalanche network: Trader Joe DEX. The Rubic team is following its main goal — provide the best rates and routes for users on any blockchain. The accomplishment of this goal includes the integration of different DEXs directly into

Now, users are able to find better rates for an even larger amount of tokens, where they can complete swaps with more than 50 new pairs of tokens.

Read more here:

2. SushiSwap Integration

This week, we have successfully completed the integration of SushiSwap for the Avalanche network into This integration enables our users to find the best rates across the 3 main DEXs on the Avalanche network.

Next week, on October 19th, our users will be able to complete both on-chain swaps and cross-chain swaps on the Avalanche network.

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3. Avalanche Integration

Rubic is finishing the testing of the Multi-Chain Protocol on the Avalanche network. This integration will enable users to complete swaps of any token on Ethereum, BSC and Polygon to any other token on the Avalanche network and vice versa.

Release Date: October 19th

4. Fantom Integration

The Rubic team has started working on both the integration of DEXs and our Multi-Chain Protocol on the Fantom network.

The integration of the Fantom network into our Multi-Chain Protocol ecosystem is approximately 30% complete at this time.

Our team will continue to share more details about this integration in further weekly updates.

5. MoonRiver Integration

Last week, the Rubic development team started working on the integration of the Moonriver protocol into

The Moonriver network went live on August 26th, 2021. Its traction is already impressive; within three weeks, it hit 1 million transactions and 100,000 wallet addresses. A week and a half later, the transactions had doubled to 2 million. It has more than $200 million staked in DeFi applications and another $270 million bonded in collator staking.

The integration of the Moonriver network into our Multi-Chain Protocol ecosystem is approximately 50% complete at this time.

Release Date: November


  1. In regard to the Avalanche integration, Rubic now connects three major DEXs from the Avalanche ecosystem. This week, one of the DEXs we integrated was Trader Joe.

Trader Joe is a comprehensive AMM decentralized finance protocol built on the Avalanche blockchain, supporting Avalanche C-Chain tokens. Trader Joe is a combination of both DEX and DeFi-lending, to provide leveraged trading and bring users an enjoyable trading experience with high speeds and low costs.

Now, our users are able to find better rates for an even larger amount of tokens, and complete swaps with more than 50 new token pairs.

Trader Joe supported the integration on their Twitter account. We’d like to thank them for their promotional support!

2. On October 13th, Crypto Love posted a video about Rubic. He reviewed our project, visited and mentioned the upcoming integration of Avalanche.

Rubic hopes Crypto Love enjoys using our platform while utilizing our Multi-Chain Swaps in a fast and easy way on

You can watch the full video here: BITCOIN’S FAKEOUT PARABOLIC BULL RUN!!!!!! CELSIUS & UNDERVALUED NFTS!!!!!!! [rubic exchange..]

3. This week, a well-known crypto-media published an article about Rubic. Bitcoinist is a news portal that provides breaking news, guides, price analysis about decentralized digital money and blockchain technology.

In the article, they reviewed Rubic’s Multi-Chain Protocol solution and announced the Avalanche integration into our platform. We are glad to receive support from media outlets such as Bitcoinist. Rubic hopes this article will raise awareness about Rubic among crypto users and urge people to use Rubic’s Multi-Chain Swaps to save time and money.

You may read the article here:

4. This week, Rubic got some huge support from various Twitter accounts. Rubic wants to thank DeFi News, Avaxholic, Swift Finance, Coinrank, AvalancheSpace, Cycle, Good Bridging Token, Singular and Satoshi Club for sharing news about us and the upcoming integration of Avalanche! Support from these people is really appreciated.

  1. This week, the telegram channel Unknown Crypto shared information about Rubic:

We are excited when such big communities tell their audience about our platform.

5. This week, we have successfully tested and integrated the first version of promo codes into our platform. These promo codes, which users can use on our platform, will allow them to complete their first Multi-Chain swap using our routing feature and have a full gas fee refund for doing so.

During this test we have created the promocode for the influencer Crypto Love, which could be used by the 100 first users.

After this testing period we will think of updating this system and creating new promo codes.

6. Rubic’s team member Collin O’Brien had quite a week! Every day he participated in an AMA with different projects.

On Monday, he was a guest on Moonshot Hunters. Below you can read some of the more interesting parts of this AMA:

Terry from Investor Nomads Trading Group welcomed Collin on Tuesday. An AMA with Coindor took place on Wednesday. On Thursday, our hard-working Collin was at it again — in the morning he had an AMA with beyondFomo and in the evening he held an interview with Pangolin’s CEO on our Telegram Channel.

Great work, Collin! Rubic will continue to reach as many people as possible and spread word about our project far and wide.

Thank you for your continued and much-appreciated support!








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