Rubic Weekly Report 10/12/2023

5 min readOct 12, 2023


Dear Rubicans! 🎉 We’re now at the halfway mark of our 3rd-anniversary celebration, and it’s been a blast so far! But hold on tight, because there’s even more excitement coming your way! 🚀🥳


  1. Overwhelming Staking APR 📈💰
  2. Taiko Integration 🤝
  3. Rubic’s Birthday Linea Week 🎂


  1. Staking APR Update

This week, we’ve soared to new heights with a remarkable 235% APR! 🚀📈 It’s an all-time record! If you haven’t joined Rubic Staking yet, make sure to visit the link below and seize the opportunity for significant gains — you won’t want to miss out on this! 💰💎

2. Taiko Testnet Integration

We’ve upgraded the Rubic App, now featuring our 6th testnet integration — Taiko, a cutting-edge, fully decentralized zk-Rollup, equivalent to Ethereum. 🟩

Dive into Rubic’s enhanced testnet capabilities and journey through the Taiko network:

To easily add the Sepolia and Taiko Jólnir (Alpha-5) testnets to your wallet:

🔗 Sepolia:

🔗Taiko Jólnir Testnet (Alpha-5):

Need testnet funds? We’ve got you covered — access faucets directly via the Rubic App UI.

Obtain testnet $ETH or $HORSE on Ethereum Sepolia in just a few clicks:

For a deeper dive:

3. Upcoming UI/UX Update

Dear Rubicans, we’re putting in tireless efforts to elevate our current UI/UX. Our goal is to maintain simplicity while infusing even more power and style into Rubic. This update will not only enhance the intuitiveness of our interface, but also elevate the overall experience when interacting with our app.

Dive into our New UI Testing Period! 🔥

Hop onto our Discord, snag a unique role, and partake in our UI Beta test.




Here’s a sneak peek of the updated UI. We value your feedback! 🟩

Stay tuned for the exciting changes! 🚀💫

4. Symbiosis Update

Soon, we’ll complete the integration of the Tron network via Symbiosis as a provider. By adding the Tron network to the list of supported blockchains, Rubic will enhance its ecosystem’s interoperability and provide users with even more options for seamless cross-chain transactions.

ETA: Next week


  1. Rubic’s 3rd Anniversary! 🎂 🎉

We’re now right in the midst of celebrating Rubic’s Anniversary! 🥳🎂 After two amazing journeys on Base and Mantle, our festivities are in full swing on Linea, and zkSync! Let’s keep the party going! 🎉🥂

Get a chance to earn from a 1.5M+ RBC reward pool!

Hop in at

Also available on Galxe:



Layer3:! 🟩

🗓 Schedule:

10/9–15: Linea & SyncSwap

10/16–22: zkSyncEra & SyncSwap

Facilitators: Symbiosis, Squid, ChangeNOW, and XY Finance.

👉 Dive in:

Accumulate points and activate your wallet with an ‘all-in-one’ experience across four leading blockchains, their bridges, & #DEXs — enabling seamless token swaps while bridging.

Each week:

🔄 Swap to/from/on the spotlighted network through a designated DEX.

👍 Like & Retweet our announcement post 1/5 on X

📲 Follow us & our esteemed partners

🔓 Read the Article

🔐 Get your Cross-Chain Passport — Nomis

💰 Hold $RBC to amplify your rewards’ share!

The core aim of our campaign is to plunge our users into the dynamic ecosystems of these emerging blockchains and to let them earn exciting rewards! 🎁

2. Rubic’s Birthday Campaign on Layer 3

Join Rubic’s anniversary at Layer3!

- Swap to and from Linea via Symbiosis, Squid, XY finance, & LI.FI protocol.

- Swap on Linea, selecting Sync Swap to earn valuable Layer3 XPs.

Let’s celebrate together! 🟩

3. Base Ecosystem Achievements

Last week, Rubic proudly earned its spot as one of the Top Unique Active Wallet dApps on Base! 💪🚀 Over 3,000 users engaged with the Base network through Rubic last week! 👥🌟

4. XOX Labs DeFi Alliance

We’re participating in a new contest where you can win a share of $7,000 by following a number of activities found below, so check it out and join up!

There will be special quests from us every week! This week, complete cross-chain swaps to and from Linea Network on and participate in the reward pool!

Explore the Campaign:

Stay tuned for more. 🟩

5. New Widget Integration

Meet Solareum! It enables you to generate renewable energy and use it on your terms. No more limitations on how, when, or with whom you use your energy.

Their mission is to create a decentralized and eco-friendly future with SolareumChain, the first peer-to-peer renewable energy blockchain.

Buy $SRM seamlessly via the Rubic Widget:




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