Rubic Weekly Report 10/01

6 min readOct 1, 2021


Here is our weekly update!


  1. Avalanche Integration

Last week, our Rubic team announced our new roadmap in which we detailed the integration of 4 new blockchain networks by the end of 2021. Today, we are happy to share with our community that the first network which will be connected to our ecosystem will be the Avalanche network! The integration will be completed in the second half of October.

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2. Uniswap v3 Integration

The Rubic team has successfully finished the integration of Uniswap v3 into our platform. This integration will allow users to have better rates and find better liquidity sources directly at

Uniswap v3 has a TVL (Total Volume Locked) of $2.55 Billion, with a daily trading volume of more than $1 Billion.

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3. 0x Protocol Integration

The Rubic team has successfully finished the integration of the 0x Protocol into our platform. This integration will allow users to find the best rate across all 50 DEXs that are now integrated into the platform!

The 0x Protocol has more than $227.86 Million in daily volume and more than 7,000 transactions per day, with more than 40 DEXs integrated into their protocol.

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4. Moonriver Integration

The Rubic team has begun the process of working on the full integration of the Moonriver network into our platform. This integration will enable users to complete instant swaps on the Moonriver network and choose the best rates for the tokens that they would like to swap. The integration of a bridge will help users to complete swaps to the Moonriver network from different networks directly at

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5. Fantom Integration

In July, Rubic held the second governance vote, in which our holders had chosen the Fantom network as a blockchain for future integration. Now, Rubic is happy to announce that Fantom will be the third Blockchain that is planned to be integrated by the end of 2021.

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  1. One of the new integrations that happened this week is the integration of the 0x protocol. This means that users of have the ability to swap through upwards of 50 DEXs, with better rates being offered and more liquidity sources being provided.

Moreover, we are listed as one of the official 0x Partners! It’s official now, we are a part of the 0x ecosystem. Congrats to Rubicans!

2. Earlier this week, Rubic won a spot in the Harmony Grant Program!

Our team would like to thank everyone who took part in the vote for a Harmony grant for! Rubic received more than 150 votes for a grant to go towards the integration of the Harmony network into our Rubic Cross-Chain Routing ecosystem.

You can read more here:

3. We are glad to inform you that Rubic became one of the partners of the Global DeFi Investment Summit.

Moreover, Rubic’s founder Vladimir Tikhomirov is taking part in the conference as a speaker. The Global DeFi Investment Summit is held on October 11th & 12th. Vladimir will present the Rubic Cross-Chain Routing solution to the summit audience and talk about Rubic’s superiority over other projects.

You may read about this event on the LinkedIn account:

4. The Rubic team is happy to announce the approaching Avalanche network integration. We are going to have a massive marketing campaign with projects on the Avalanche network that are connected to

This campaign will include a GAS refund for Rubic Cross-Chain Routing operations on with tokens on Avalanche network. For now, we do not want to let the cat out of the bag and tell you all the upcoming details and secrets! But this partnership, no doubt, will be a mind-blowing one. Stay tuned!

We think it is awesome that Avalanche users are now getting to know and learn about Rubic. Today, the #1 Avalanche news source, Avalanche Today, posted an article about

Avalanche Today announced the Rubic and Avalanche partnership and mentioned the three Avalanche DEXs that we will be integrating into our platform. In this article, Rubic was declared to be a simple and convenient solution to trade any tokens on any network.

They have also posted a tweet about the new article.

We want to thank our partners for this media coverage! Rubic hopes our collaboration will become even stronger over the following weeks and months.

5. We continue with our Twitter activities. We want to thank all the Twitter accounts that mentioned Rubic over the last week. The Rubic team believes that awareness of our project is rising among Crypto users. This week, Rubic was mentioned by Gem Insider. You can read the tweet below:

We continue to build a partnership with Girl Gone Crypto, and this week she shared another tweet about Rubic.

The Rubic team is also happy to have the support of DeFi News, a big daily digest about the Crypto industry.

We are also glad to see that Telegram communities are mentioning Rubic as well. This week, PLANET VEGETA published a post talking about Rubic Cross-Chain Routing and our token’s rise in price!

6. Our Rubic Relay Widget continues to make lives easier! Please, welcome one of Rubic’s newest partners — DeepSpace. In two weeks, users of this NFT project will be able to buy their $DXO token directly on their website. They are also planning to integrate the widget to DeepSpace’s social space virtual reality world, which will allow users to trade using directly on their platform.

Hey Spain, Rubic is coming! This week, another project integrated the Rubic Relay Widget. Soon users of Theos Finance will be able to trade their tokens directly on their platform.

7. Also this week, Rubic hosted another traditional Weekly Voice Chat with Collin O’Brien. During this voice chat, Collin talked about this week’s development news and Rubic’s future plans for feature integrations throughout the remainder of 2021. If you missed it, be sure to check it out as a pinned message in our official Telegram channel or on Anchor:

Thank you for your continued and much-appreciated support!








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