Rubic Weekly Report 09/30/22

Hello, friends! Rubic’s official Birthday has passed, but we’re celebrating until the end of October! Let’s keep up with the latest news.


  1. Tron Integration

Rubic’s ecosystem is getting bigger! This week, we are completing the integration process of the Tron network into Rubic.

Cross-Chain swaps are now available between Tron and the ETH, BSC, Polygon, and Fantom networks. Currently, we are working on a Tron On-Chain integration and a new SDK version for On-Chain and Cross-Chain swaps, so the full Tron announcement is coming next week.

Please note, that you need a Tronlink wallet for implementing swaps to and from Tron on Rubic.

2. Bitgert Bridge Integration

Our Development team is getting ready to integrate the Bitgert Bridge into the Rubic platform. The Bitgert bridge will support swaps from Bitgert to BNB Smart Chain and Ethereum, or vice versa.

Our users will be able to trade $USDT, $USDC, $BUSD, $ETH, $BNB, $MATIC, $SHIB to or from Bitgert.

We’ll keep you updated on further details!

3. Incoming Updates

The “Fast Choice” Feature is 80% complete. Soon, our users will be able to see the providers in real-time whenever a route for their trade is being calculated. Then, you’ll be able to choose your preferred one from the list of all available providers.

ETA: October 6th

Unified Contract. As soon as the Unified Contract goes live, all On-Chain swaps will be implemented through this contract. This means that there won’t be thousands of approvals, only one approval of the transaction will be needed. Still, users will have the opportunity to swap their assets through all supported DEXs.

ETA: Mid-October

Rubic’s team is constantly looking for new blockchains to integrate, features to improve, and bugs to fix! We are striving for the most pleasant experience you can have with the Rubic Protocol!


  1. Rubic’s Birthday NFT Giveaway — Week 1 — Symbiosis!

Symbiosis was the 1st on Rubic’s Partner List for our Birthday NFT Giveaway !

This week, our users who swapped via Symbiosis at can win awesome cubic NFTs, dedicated to the $SIS community. These NFTs can be your key to future benefits & airdrops.

The most frequent swappers are now competing for the best reward — rare NFTs, providing year-long zero fees on Rubic.

For now, the total number of Cross-Chain transactions via Symbiosis has increased by 2.5 times! It’s great that you care!

We’d also like to thank Cryptonews, Incrypted, Moni Talks, and AirdropBob for covering this event!

Cryptonews published an article about the NFT Giveaway to Celebrate Rubic’s Birthday, and Airdropbob posted a step-by-step guide on how to win an NFT: Rubic NFT guide.

You should definitely check Rubic’s article about Symbiosis: Symbiosis & Rubic: Ground-Breaking Synergy in Web3. In the article, we were pondering our partnership with Symbiosis and described in detail how the interactions between Rubic and Symbiosis have proceeded.

Next week’s partner is Li Fi, and don’t miss your opportunity to gain the whole collection of Rubic’s Birthday NFTs:

1) Follow Rubic’s and LI.FI’s Twitter.

2) Make at least one cross-chain swap on via the dedicated provider of the week — LI.FI.

3) Post a tweet with a screenshot of your swap tagging @cryptorubic and @lifiprotocol, which proves that you have made a swap, like and quote retweet the Monday promo announcement thread.

You will be able to claim the NFT after completing these tasks on our Galxe page:

Get prepared and read detailed information here: NFT Giveaway

2. Rubic’s New Article

It’s time to go Cross-Chain! Cross-chain dApps achieve greater scalability, faster transaction times, and higher security. If you need some tips on how to build Cross-Chain dApps and become interoperable, our article is a must-read!

We’ve researched various Cross-Chain solutions for token trading, and highlighted the advantages of Rubic’s Cross-Chain dApp solution.

By the end, you’ll get clear instructions on how to easily jump into the Cross-Chain world with Rubic!

Read the full article here: Building Cross-Chain dApps: Ways to Become Interoperable

3. Rubic Game

Let’s all have some fun! Our dear friend Dustin has launched an addictive game for Rubic’s anniversary. Rubic’s team is really proud to have such an outstanding community. We appreciate this gift big time.

We’ve been playing this game a lot as well! Try to collect all the cubes and avoid the evil FUD:

4. Rubic Weekly Voice Chat

Today at 3PM UTC, catch the representatives of LI.FI Protocol & Polygon in an upcoming AMA with Collin O’Brien!

Finally, follow all the steps to win a fancy NFT, dedicated to LI.FI, in honor of Rubic’s 2nd B-day. Join us here: AMA Session: Rubic, LI.FI, Polygon by Rubic

5. New SDK Integration

Meet Kuma Inu, a new project in Rubic’s ecosystem. Kuma Inu is a DeFi ecosystem created by a $SHIB/$LEASH developer.

Kuma is a native token that is used in the Kuma Breeder. Kuma Breeder is a yield farming protocol which offers a fresh approach to farming $dKuma tokens. The Kuma token is also going to be used as a fully decentralized autonomous governance system that the community will have full control of. They will be able to vote to control the entire process of marketing, development, and other parts of the project.

Sounds good, yeah? Now you can easily obtain Kuma Inu tokens on their website via the Rubic SDK!



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