Rubic Weekly Report 09/23/22

Hello, friends! Let’s review the hard work done this week before we all start celebrating Rubic’s Birthday!

Our development team added a new feature for you! Now, you can see transaction details for both networks during Cross-Chain swaps. This feature allows you to check the transaction hash not only for the ‘From’ network, but now for the ‘To’ network as well.

We’ve made the process of Cross-Chain transactions more transparent and clear. This feature will help you to locate your funds and track the transaction status the entire way.

This update also relates to the SDK version of the Rubic platform.

We’ve finished a ‘WalletConnect’ improvement, and added all of the networks supported on to the ‘WalletConnect’ Protocol.

‘WalletConnect’ supports 170+ different wallets, including MetaMask, Rainbow, and Argent.

We are creating an easy and comprehensive Cross-Chain tool for you!

The Tron Network Integration process is almost done! Now, the Integration is 90% complete.

Join our Twitter to see all the updates! ​​

Rubic has integrated ETHPoW for On-Chain swaps via Uniswap V2 and V3, as well as SushiSwap, which are not available there natively. This is a unique opportunity to swap your tokens to ETHPoW, which hopefully will soon be traded on CEXs!

The “Fast Choice” Feature. Soon, our users will be able to see the providers in a real-time manner, whenever a route for their trade is being calculated. Then, you’ll be able to choose your preferred one from the list of all available providers.

ETA: The beginning of October

Unified Contract. As soon as the Unified Contract goes live, all On-Chain swaps will be implemented through this contract. This means that there will be only one approval of the transaction needed. Still, users will have the opportunity to swap their assets through all supported DEXs.

ETA: mid-October

Rubic’s team is constantly looking for new blockchains to integrate, features to improve, and bugs to fix! We are striving for the most pleasant experience of your interaction with the Rubic Protocol!

Yesterday, we held a special AMA with Rubic’s founders, where you had an opportunity to claim a special Rubic Birthday AMA NFT! We have prolonged the Galxe campaign for you (, if you listened to the AMA before the Galxe page crash.

Thank you for all your questions! We’re happy to know that your interest in the project grows ever higher! We’ve chosen 3 interesting question to reward with $50 in $BRBC :

  • What’s the most important event happening right now with the team that you’re most excited about?
  • Is Rubic here to stay in 5–10 years?
  • Do you plan to also reach the market in Africa?

During this AMA we also announced the Grand Rubic Birthday Giveaway, which starts next week. Follow our socials to be updated!

Together with our partnered projects, we’ve prepared loads of surprises for our outstanding community and users. We’re launching Rubic’s Birthday Giveaway with Anniversary NFTs, which can be your key to future benefits and airdrops.

Starting October 26th, users who make cross-chain swaps via the dedicated Rubic cross-chain provider of the week will get guaranteed anniversary NFTs! The five most frequent swappers of the week win NFTs, which give year-long zero fees when swapping on Rubic! You can also get NFTs for participating in our AMAs during the promotion week. In total, for Rubic’s Birthday, we will be giving out 3 types of NFTs of differing value and rarity.

Please read the full rules of the promotion here: NFT Giveaway to Celebrate Rubic’s Birthday

Get prepared for the celebration, friends!

Rubic has already started celebrating its second anniversary, and we prepared for you a series of awesome events!

The rules of the following contest are simple:

⁃ Create your best congratulations for Rubic’s birthday (any format is suitable).

⁃ Post it in our special Discord channel:

⁃ Be active and friendly

The Rubic team will choose 3 winners, and each will get 500 BRBC!

The contest ends on 09/29/2022.

Rubic attended the massive Mainnet 2022 event in New York! It’s an immersive, agenda-setting summit held annually by Messari Crypto, and attended alongside other huge DeFi projects!

Catch us with the speakers, representing major #Web3 platforms, at

Meet Zenon!

Zenon is an evolutionary step in distributed ledger technology, enabling an efficient trust layer for transfer of value and data globally.

Based on The Network of Momentum, it proposes a new type of architecture designed to overcome the limitations of current blockchain or DAG-based cryptocurrencies.

Now, you can swap wZNN directly on Zenon Tools! Super easy cross-chain swaps are possible with the Rubic Widget.

Rubic is in the process of refreshing its identity system. We strive to communicate higher transparency and want our logo to look more unique and modern. Stay tuned, we plan to roll it out closer to November!

Rubic is a One-Click Cross-Chain Swap service with over 53,700 users and $256M+ worth of assets swapped thus far. Rubic enables the swapping of 15,500+ tokens across 17 blockchains, including Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Aurora, Arbitrum, Boba, and more.

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Rubic is a Cross-Chain Tech Aggregator for users & dApps. Rubic aggregates 40+ chains, 90+ DEXs & bridges, and enables swapping of 15,500+ assets in 1 click.

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Rubic is a Cross-Chain Tech Aggregator for users & dApps. Rubic aggregates 40+ chains, 90+ DEXs & bridges, and enables swapping of 15,500+ assets in 1 click.