Rubic Weekly Report 09/09/22

5 min readSep 9, 2022


Hey, Rubicans! Let’s see what we’ve achieved during the week.


  1. Wallet Connect Update

Now, our users who log in through ‘Wallet Connect’ will have more opportunities for Cross-Chain trading. This week, we’ve been working on adding all of the networks supported on to the ‘Wallet Connect’ Protocol.

We are creating an easy and comprehensive Cross-Chain tool for you!

2. Tron’s Upcoming Integration

Soon, our Dev team will share more details on the Tron integration process.

Founded in September 2017, the TRON network has delivered impressive achievements since Mainnet launch in May 2018. The TRON network has gained incredible traction in recent years, with over 110 million users on the blockchain and upwards of 3.8 billion transactions.

The TRON network completed full decentralization and is now a purely community-governed DAO.

The network is in demand among USDT holders, and we’d like to make their trading process even more convenient via!

While working on the Tron integration, Rubic’s team is doing research for further blockchain integrations.

3. Platform Updates

Soon, our users will be able to choose the specific provider for their Cross-Chain trades. We’ve already started implementing this feature, as constant improvements to our platform are the keys to success. If you have any suggestions on how to make more user-friendly and convenient, you can always share them with us in our TG chat —


  1. Rubic X Aurora Campaign Results

This Monday, the Rubic & Aurora campaign ended successfully. During the campaign, users who’ve completed swaps to the Aurora network had a chance to win $1,000 in $BRBC, or 1 of 5 rare NFTs, enabling lifelong zero fees on Rubic!

Rubic appreciates all the participants for their engagement, and we’ve already randomly chosen 6 lucky winners. You can watch the process here:

5 NFTs and $1,000 in BRBC will be sent out soon. Important Note: Zero Fees on are not transferable, even if you transfer this NFT. Lifelong zero fees are connected to the first wallet which owns this NFT.

2. DuneAnalytics Dashboard

Rubic has nothing to hide from its holders, and we know that transparency is a key aspect of Crypto, so we’ve decided to create the most up-to-date stats on $RBC holders, transaction volume, Rubic’s Cross-Chain providers, & other important details on the DuneAnalytics dashboard.

You can check out the detailed statistics here:

3. Staking Update

Rubic’s team is really excited to see that you are still participating in staking! We hope to achieve the point of 20,000,000 locked BRBC soon.

Despite the fact that you have already locked over 17M BRBC, the APR is still 58% — it’s still more than worth joining:

Locked BRBC: 16,360,624 → 17,020,623

Average Lock Time: 10 months → 10 months

Est. Yield Per Week: 140,000 → 143,400

Circ. BRBC Locked: 13.19% → 13.73 %

APR: 57% → 58%

You can follow Staking statistics on the Dune analytics page, created by one of our dedicated community members:

4. New Widget & SDK Integrations

This week, we are glad to welcome one new project into Rubic’s ecosystem!

Find My Bridge is the world’s first blockchain bridge finder and aggregator, a tool to simplify the process of choosing the most convenient protocol to bridge assets across networks.

Find My Bridge aims to provide users with enough information to make the right decision, variables such as contract safety, incentivised bridges, execution times or fees are just some examples of the characteristics that differentiate one bridge from another, so by having this information at hand, users can make the most convenient decision. Now, users can trade cross-chain directly on their platform!

Next week will give us a Tier 1 SDK integration! Join our Twitter to keep updated!

5. Fantom AMM/DEX Landscape

This week, we got mentioned by Fantom as a Tier 2 project of their ecosystem. We are glad to be an important part of the Fantom network and believe that Rubic is a helping hand for thousands of its users!

6. Cross-Chain Panel

The Cross-Chain panel will be held in Discord as a Stage Discussion. The event will take place on September 15th, at 4 pm UTC.

Rubic team member Collin O’Brien will be the host and representative of Rubic. We will stream the whole session on YouTube, Twitter, and Telegram. Our team can share your streaming codes and the ability to bring this event to your socials.

In order to promote this session, Rubic will create the Galaxy campaign. People will need to join our project’s meeting for at least 30 minutes and subscribe to all of our Discord servers. Rubic’s team will create the NFT with participating projects which will be distributed to the listeners.

The core information for the listeners will be released on the dedicated Landing page by Monday (9/12).

7. Weekly Voice Chat

Today, we are happy to hold our AMA session for you. This AMA is held, as usual, on Rubic’s Telegram group and on Twitter. Collin O’Brien will answer questions from our communities and talk about further partnerships & development!

Telegram Video Chat link:

Twitter Spaces link:

Join us!




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