Rubic Weekly Report 07/15/2022

Keep your Rubic Cubic and enjoy our weekly update!

  1. Li.Fi Integration Into Rubic SDK

By July 19th, Rubic will complete the integration of Optimism, Cronos, OKExChain, Gnosis (xDAI), Fuse, Moonbeam and Celo networks. This is fantastic news, as we are adding over 50% more networks to the Rubic ecosystem. These new blockchain integrations will also include new DEXs on these networks:
Moonbeam — BeamSwap, StellaSwap

Celo — UbeSwap

Cronos — CronaSwap

Gnosis — HoneySwap

Fuse -SushiSwap

All of these are possible by Rubic completing the integration of Li.Fi into our platform. The swaps on the connected networks are already being completed through Li.Fi. Right now, we are finishing the tests of new networks and DEX providers to our platform.

Li.Fi acts as a bridge and DEX aggregator, and will help Rubic to route assets between chains and bring new networks mentioned above. The swaps between these networks will be available with the help of these bridges: Connext, Multichain, Hyphen, Y Pool, Polygon PoS, Optimism Bridge, deBridge, Across, Avalanche Bridge, Arbitrum Bridge, Optimism Gateway, XY Finance, and Ethereum Bridge.

2. Reactive Providers Calculations

As a Cross-Chain Aggregator, Rubic is not planning to stop with 3 current bridge system integrations (Celer, Symbiosis, Since Rubic expands the number of integrations and now receives preliminary calculations in real time and builds optimal routing. Users can see how many providers have already provided data for calculation.

This feature will help our users to see directly on the website the process of checking and receiving data from integrated providers.

3. Token List Page

Everyone is proud of the tokens they support, and Rubic is no exception!

How often do you search for the “How to swap X” token? All of us know that Rubic is the best place for these kinds of transactions and this page will definitely help new users understand that!

On this page, you can see not only the list of tokens, but you also can find the best pairs for these tokens!

But we didn’t stop there! Users can also check the price chart and complete the swap directly on that page.

This feature will allow more people to join us by the simplest of browser searches and more experienced users can check the most popular trading pairs for any token they like!

You can check out the page now by visiting this link:

4. Staking 3.0 Pool Limitation Governance Voting

We are currently developing Staking 3.0 rules and our team would like to allow our community to choose some of the parameters of our future Staking. This choice will affect not only the pool amount but also the final APR.

Right now APR depends on the following:

- Size of the pool and the number of staked tokens

- Rubic’s revenue

- RBC price

The APR which we had previously announced was up to 58% for 12-month-based staking. However, this option is only valid for pools up to 10 Million BRBC.

The Staking 3.0 is proposed to be unlimited timing-wise, and if it remains uncapped, the APR can become less attractive.

But also, the Rubic team, as holders of the team tokens, are interested in a bigger amount of tokens staked, as it will be beneficial for the price by removing tokens from the open market.

Therefore, we propose a governance vote on the following criteria:

- Pool is to be limited to 30 Million BRBC

- Pool remains uncapped

- Adding to the pool will be limited timing-wise (end of the September 2022, for example).

You can complete the voting on our snapshot page using this link:

5. Bitkeep Integration

New wallets, new integrations!

This week we have completed the integration of the Bitkeep wallet into our platform.

This integration will allow users from all supported networks (with the exception of Telos and Moonriver) to use Bitkeep as their main wallet!

6. Rubic New Cross-Chain Contracts!

This Wednesday, we announced that Rubic is moving to new cross-chain smart contracts, and our team was happy to give our users the opportunity to choose the set of specific numbers/letters that will be associated with Rubic, which every contract address will have: our community has chosen 0x777…7777 as the standard for our new contracts!


  1. World Blockchain Summit!

The Rubic team continues to visit Summits and Conferences all around the world! This week you could have met our CBDO in one of the biggest blockchain summits in Singapore.

The conference was taking place in the famous Marina Bay Sands. This was not the biggest conference, but it included a lot of major Crypto projects like Coinbase, Binance, Ripple,, Algorand, Hedera, Dfinity and many others!

The Rubic flyers were a huge success and have been fully distributed all over the conference area and have attracted a lot of attention.

Here are some photos taken by Sven:

2. Governance

As was mentioned in the development part of the weekly update, this week we have started another Governance vote! We are happy to inform you that more governance functionality will also be included in the functionality of our Staking.

Rubic marketing team is preparing the extended information about our governance system and planning to release it before the staking launch.

Are you ready for more governance votes?

3. AMA Session In Telos Discord

This Tuesday Collin joined an AMA session in the Telos Discord community. During this AMA session they discussed the differences between Rubic and other similar projects in the DeFi space, security and reliability for users, NFTs and our upcoming NFT widget, as well as Rubic’s SDK and all the great features it has and the positive impact it can have on projects who integrate it. It was a very informative AMA for the Telos community and we are happy to be partnered with their project!

4. MedyaEYE AMA in Rubic Twitter Spaces

This Friday’s AMA session will be held with our most recent SDK integrator, MediaEYE!
During this AMA session on Twitter Spaces and Telegram, we will answer questions from our communities and award the best one with some token prizes!

Please join the AMA session using this link:

Our social media channels:











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