Rubic Weekly Report 06/17/22


  1. SDK Documentation Update

Currently, our SDK has been seeing more and more integrations every month. So, this brings us to the point where we must consistently and constantly update our SDK documentation in order for all of our partners to have access to the most recent information regarding our Cross-Chain features. This week, we’ve started working on the next update for our SDK documentation. This update will include examples and additional information for developers who are interested in the integration of our SDK. One of the most important things in this update is that our SDK documentation will be automatically updated any time Rubic makes changes to the SDK. This means that the SDK documentation will always be updated to reflect the latest version of the SDK.

This update will occur sometime next week.

2. SDK Integration Into

The Rubic team is planning to complete a new update for our platform — the integration of our SDK into This will enable our developers to increase the development speed of future SDK updates, and will massively simplify the process of SDK integrations for other projects.

During this update, Rubic will temporarily disable the Solana and NEAR networks. However, we are planning to add them to the SDK as well, and they will appear on our platform once again soon after that.

Release Date: June 30th

3. My Trades

The Rubic team is planning to complete major updates to the current ‘My Trades’ tab. For this update, Rubic will implement special UI changes which will help users track their transaction status in realtime. Once completed, our users will be able to see the entire routing path of any transaction, along with the status of it during each step. This update will also include new revert functions and UI improvements.

Release Date: June 30th


  1. We’re excited to announce that we have decided to extend our Zero Platform Fee Campaign until June 27th! The campaign showed great results, with more and more users easily migrating between blockchains using our platform.

Thus, for any and all of our users, we have turned off protocol fees for all Cross-Chain swaps for an additional week. You can learn more about the Zero Fee Campaign here.

2. Our talented speaker and Marketing Manager Collin O’Brien attended one of the biggest crypto conferences in the world, Consensus 2022! The conference was held in Austin, Texas. This is an annual conference held by CoinDesk, at which various representatives of the financial and digital industries speak. Many blockchain and crypto projects were present there: Telos, CertiK, Hedera, Stably, Circle, and many others. Collin managed to make acquaintances with many representatives of different companies and discussed their potential future collaboration with Rubic. Naturally, Collin took a few photos with them. Enjoy the snapshots and stay tuned for future updates!

Also, we had prepared special merch for this event — Rubic Cubes! We were super excited to share it with people at the conference, and our community along with everyone else really liked them!

By the way, Collin gave the Twitter ‘Hat Bounty’ winners their special prizes — Rubic caps! Here is a photo with one of the winners!

Rubic will continue to visit crypto and finance conferences, and we look forward to meeting more Rubicans!

3. Our team continues to spread information about our project to the CIS audience. Besides creating an official Russian community, information about our project and our Zero Platform Fee Campaign were shared by some popular CIS Crypto and blockchain-related Telegram groups.

Also, Russian-speaking YouTube influencers continue to spread positive information about Rubic to their audiences. Our team would like to thank them all for covering our many awesome features!

4. As always, we were mentioned by some Twitter influencers! Here are just a few examples:

5. Alongside our Zero Fees Campaign, we have decided to continue our banner campaign on Coin360, and our team will continue to spread the news about our outstanding campaign! Our Zero Fees campaign is simply the perfect chance to try out the functionality of our platform.

6. Rubic will take part in the first week of the Arbitrum Odyssey Retrodrop. The Arbitrum Odyssey campaign will launch on June 21st and will allow users to win unique NFTs.

During the first week of the contest, all of the popular bridges will participate in a ‘Volume Competition’. Arbitrum will give the title of “the most popular bridge” to the Cross-Chain project through which the highest volume is transferred (the largest amount of ETH into Arbitrum) within that week. The users of the bridge with the largest volume of ETH to Arbitrum will be awarded with one incredibly unique NFT made by Arbitrum.

Let’s take part in this cool competition together and show off the winning NFTs!

7. We can’t forget about our tradition — the Weekly AMA with Collin O’Brien! Unfortunately, there is a technical reason for rescheduling our expected interview with Symbiosis, but this Friday, Collin will share with you his thoughts and feelings about Consensus 2022! To hear his insights from the largest-ever crypto conference, tune in to our Twitter Spaces or our Telegram to listen to or watch the Weekly AMA.

Thank you for your continued and much-appreciated support!



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